Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TOMA AND SHUN IN A NEW DRAMA NEXT YEAR!! and toma will be in another new action movie!!

WOW. toma has a lot of projects all of a sudden!!! he's filming for the Grasshopper movie right now. filming for Yokokuhan movie is during this fall. then he'll probably start promoting the Miracle movie in november through december. around the same time he'll have to start filming for the Ouroboros drama with shun, i guess? 

i'm super happy that he's got a new winter drama next year, and he finally gets to work with shun again!!!!!! ^______^ the plot sounds interesting. like i said before, i don't like dark dramas, but it's toma and shun!! and toma is a police officer!! i've gotta watch. hahaha. oh, also apparently the producer wanted them to do this drama since 2009, but they were both busy. so he waited 6 years, until now, to make this drama with both of them!!!! omg. will the wait be worth it?? lol. that's a lot of pressure on toma and shun, but i'm sure they'll do a great job. and have a lot of fun working together, too!! haha.

and about Yokokuhan... i think it's hilarious that his character uses a newspaper mask. but it's a serious movie, though. i like it that toma's character is intelligent and is cyber/real life vigilante. not sure how much action will be involved. seems like toma likes doing action/revenge/justice movies/dramas right now. lol. Grasshopper, Ouroboros, Yokokuhan. same themes in all of them.

--read the news about toma's upcoming drama and movie here:

--also, here are links to go read each manga (in english) that the movie and drama are based on. both series have not all been translated, though.  

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