Sunday, October 5, 2014

TOMA 30th BDAY POST!!!!!!!!! ~_~

i'm posting this early, yeah. lol. i made this bento last weekend, actually. lol. early celebrating, yey!!! ~_~ it took foreverrrrrr though. 2 hrs and 40 minutes. hahaha... maybe i'm just slow, but i don't wanna make another cute bento anytime soon. haha! IT LOOKS A LOT CUTER AFTER I DECORATED IT USING THE LINE CAMERA APP. hehehe...

i will edit this post later on with my favorite pics from fans' celebrating toma's bday and stuff they made for him!! =) some other ppl celebrated toma's bday this weekend, like me! these fans who shared the pic below went to sing karaoke (all toma-related songs) and had cake and exchanged presents and took purikura pics too! hehe. awesomeeeeee!! 

oh, i went to a japanese restaurant for dinner and bought coffee from a new place to celebrate. lolllll. that's all. 

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, TOMA!!!!!!!!!!! 
i love you!!! enjoy your day and have tons of fun and eat a lot of yummy food!!! =P eat some cake for me, please... lol.



shirayuki onna said...

Happy birthday to toma <3
i wish for him a long and beautiful life <3 Thanks kate-chan i love your blog please keep going <3 *^*

kate said...

thanks for commenting!! i haven't gotten a comment here in a long time! haha.

you're welcomeeee!!! i'm glad people still come to my toma blog, though i only update it 1 or 2 times a month. xD i'll keep posting at this blog for a longgg time, don't worry. hehe. even if i get too busy, i'll still post really short posts if important toma stuff happens. haha. xD