Thursday, July 31, 2014

Miracle Debikuro's Love and Magic teaser and poster!!

the movie will be released november 22. the teaser is only 30 seconds, but so far, i like it! haha. well, everyone looks cute, at least. xD

oh, if this video is taken down later, you can watch the trailer at the movie's official website,

i think the poster is kind of cheesy, with them making hearts, but at least it's nice and colorful. lol. aiba and eikura look weird and too photoshopped though. but toma and the korean actress look nice. =) 

i don't understand why there's an animated santa-like mascot for the movie, but i guess we'll find out. maybe he's a character aiba creates or some kinda xmas fairy who helps these couples get together. 

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