Tuesday, May 6, 2014

toma hanging out with jun, his new CM's, etc....... xD

hellooooooo!!! it's me. ^_~
i'm sorry there was no post at all last month. but there's really been very little toma news, anyway. oh, and i will make a new (summer theme) banner for this blog soon!! xD

as always, remember to go to toma-room.livejournal.com and my tumblr, tomaroom.tumblr.com, for the latest toma news and stuff, and just more toma stuff, in general!!!! i will only post the most important/cute toma news and pics here. the rest, you can find at those 2 links. ^___^

oh, i recently read on someone's twitter that the toma and aiba MIRACLE xmas movie...they will probably start to promote it this november! =) 

(source: jdoramaid)

also, someone said on tumblr that Jun and Toma went to watch disney's Frozen together. lol. they also went to a late dinner together, with Inoue Mao, too! do you think jun and mao are really a secret couple??? hmm.... or mao and toma??? lol. nah, it would have to be jun and mao. xD

"FRIDAY Magazine latest issue reported that Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao and Ikuta Toma meet up at Yakiniku Restaurant on Thursday 24th April 2014.

Around 22.30 pm, Inoue Mao comes to the restaurant wearing a hat. Matsumoto Jun waiting inside in a private room. Around 2 am she went home alone by taxi. 5 minutes later Matsumoto Jun appeared with Ikuta Toma. They left by taxi as well."

(posted by ND@JDoramaID. more pics here: http://jdoramaid.tumblr.com/post/83798508734/matsumoto-jun-inoue-mao-and-ikuta-toma-at)

[and here's a longer article about it:

--- SOME LUCKY TOMA FANS VISITING JAPAN SPOTTED TOMA (sitting in the audience) AT THE KABUKI THEATER on april 14!!!! AND THEY WERE ABLE TO TAKE SOME PICTURES!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! so luckyyyyyyy!!! i think toma noticed them staring at him and freaking out, and he looked back at them sometimes. awwww. *______* 

thanks to jane for sharing this! pics & more info here:

(source: mcjane83)
--- get toma scenes from Strategist Kanbe at the locked posts at Toma's Room:

(source: ogurin-tomasu)
--- toma did a cm for Suntory plum wine. he was surprised because it doesn't look like wine! haha. go to the link below to find videos of the cm and the making of, too! =) he's so cute in this cm, and i like his outfit, too. 

(source: https://twitter.com/Pink0110/status/458015411770908672/photo/1)
---TOMA IS IN A NEW CM FOR ARIEL WITH MIRANDA KERR!!! even though i'm sure they filmed their parts seperately, but it's still awesome that he is in the same commercial with a super model! haha. i've always thought she was one of the prettiest victoria's secret angels!

watch it at this link!  

---2 tv shows where toma was eating and making funny faces. lol...

-- http://tomaroom.tumblr.com/post/83163800590/mjatoma-toma-face-expression-here-is
Toma face expression here is priceless..I love it so much..
How bad is the snack..hahaha
(BRI promotion 2012)

-- http://tomaroom.tumblr.com/post/84966185880/mjatoma-adorable-toma-mecha
(mogura no uta promotion)

---[APRIL FOOLS JOKE]: Ikuta Toma Caught on a Date with Unknown Woman  

I MADE UP THIS FAKE NEWS ABOUT TOMA BEING ON A DATE FOR APRIL FOOLS DAY, for the first time ever. lollll. i didn't think i'd be able to trick so many people!!! hahaha... 

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