Friday, November 7, 2014

new bath roman CM, MIRACLE movie promoting, TOMA SMOKING!!, etc... =)

hi there!! i'm back for the monthly post! my favorite month of the year and autumn seems to be over already. =( and now all this xmas stuff everywhere annoys me. -_- nevermind about that though. lol. 

A REMINDER AGAIN, THAT I GO TO TOMA'S ROOM EVERYDAY AND OTHER PEOPLE POST NEW TOMA STUFF THERE SOMETIMES, SO PLEASE DO GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE LATEST TOMA NEWS!!!!!!!!!! XD thanks to jane ( for posting about toma so much at her livejournal, or i would have no clue what's going on in the fandom! haha. since most of it happens on weibo now, i guess. sigh. -_- (IF YOU WANT TO READ RANDOM STUFF ABOUT TOMA, LIKE TOMA SIGHTINGS OR RUMORS, SHE POSTS ABOUT THOSE STUFF, TOO!! ~_~)

it seemed like even less people were celebrating toma's birthday this year, on twitter and elsewhere. only like a few posts about it at tumblr!! omg... so sad. =( and on twitter, 99% of the tweets were written in japanese. i felt so awkward, being 1 of the few fans tweeting in english. lol. well, here are my 2 favorite toma bday collages from twitter, though. sorry, i dunno who made them, so can't give credit. ^^; 

toma was such a cute kid too, right??? awwwww. i'm sure his future kids will be super cute, too!! i hope he'll have at least 1 boy so there's a mini toma, who will grow up to be just as gorgeous as him! toma 2.0!! lollllllll.

(Source: yellowrabbitto)
MIRACLE movie promoting has started! it will be released Nov.22, but someone already said they watched it!! guess they were at one of the preview screenings? sadly, jane told me toma will only have a small role in the movie. no wonder he shows up so little in the trailer. 

honestly, i loathe christmas and usually hate all things xmas-related, but i'll definitely watch this movie later on for toma and aiba. haha. it seems a bit boring and melodramatic, but oh well. haha. (oh, you can watch a video of them promoting the movie and also the Magic Ramen video at one of jane's posts at her livejournal. and more gifs from those MIRACLE events at my tumblr,

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)
this gif is from a food show called Magic Ramen. they made the gyoza using his special recipe! hehe. he's so cute. more gifs at my tumblr,

(source: mjatoma, on the pic)
FINALLY, CANDID PICS OF TOMA SMOKING IN REAL LIFE (more here: OMG.... boo!! smoking is bad for your health and ruins your teeth and makes you look older. why, toma, why?????? =( he does look cool, though. lol.

(source: mjatoma)
--you can watch toma's new bath roman CM here:

(source: mjatoma)
--you can watch toma's live story telling thingy, Yakushiki sound stage, here:

--toma, arashi, and other johnny's artists went to Tokio's 20th anniversary concert recently!! toma didn't do much besides be super hyper and look kinda silly with his unfortunate new wavy hairstyle and unflattering shirt, though. you can go to my tumblr,, to see various gifs and a video clip (no toma, though) from that concert. =)

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Interesting things to know! Thanks for updating(I know I m quite late but...i feel that I should appreciate everyone's effort to keep the fandom alive!)