Monday, September 15, 2014

my 7th toma anniversary... Mogura No Uta at dailymotion...

hey everyone!

i just found out i didn't win a contest, so i didn't win 2 tickets to go to japan. sigh. i'm ok. i knew i wouldn't win, anyway. it was a contest where you submit japan-related pics... not like i really have a reason to go to japan right now anyway. there are other things i need to be doing... 

i didn't really do anything to celebrate this time, but AUGUST 31 WAS MY 7th ANNIVERSARY OF BEING TOMA'S FAN!!!! Yeyyyyyy!!!! 7 years of obsessing about toma. lol. here is a gif that kinda expresses my feelings. but it's a super junior gif, so just imagine instead of the super junior part, it says toma. haha. i don't have the program to edit gifs anymore. 

also, this is what i wrote at my twitter on that day:
I'VE BEEN A TOMA FAN FOR 7 YEARS NOW!!! *_* Omg. Being his fan & liking Japan has changed my life in a lot of good ways... thank u, toma! 
 08:24 AM - 31 Aug 14

also, you can now watch Mogura No Uta at dailymotion, but there are no subs. go to Toma's Room and check the newest posts (they are members-locked, though) to get the link to watch it online or DL the movie!! xD

actually, i guess i skimmed through the movie to celebrate my toma-nniversary. haha. it's pretty weird, but i'll still watch it when there are subs. probably will have to wait a long while for it, though. and like i said on my twitter, the sex scene was so strange! haha. i was like...WTF? but then again, this whole movie will probably be one big WTF. hahaha. it's just a really crazy and weird movie, and i can't wait to watch it.

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