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Toma had dinner with a married woman from a popular band??! and a few other things that happened...

hey everyone! i thought i'd be able to post more little posts more often instead of just a monthly post, but again, not much happened lately and i was busy/lazy, too. lol. we'll see if i can do better next month. but then again, it will probably be easier for me to wait until the end of each month and do a monthly post. hmm. 

oh, i found a nice new floral layout for Toma's Room! =) come and check it out, if you want. xD

i'm more active on twitter these days, but i recently updated my livejournal, too. but my twitter account is private (link to it at my LJ profile) and my new post at my livejournal page is friends-locked. lol. well, if you seem like a toma fan, then i will add you, though. =)

also, if you're in/from the united states, HAPPY early 4TH OF JULY!! the set of red/blue themed toma pics below seems appropriate. xD (only a few new/not posted before pics, so i'll just put them at the top of the post for a change!)

(Source: ogurin-tomasu, original scan by suuji)

(Source: tomafanindia, original scan by suuji)

(Source: tomafanindia, original scan by suuji)


-Mogura No Uta's DVD will be released september 24
i know. so late! o_o usually his february movies will be released in august. oh well. just 1 month later than usual.

-OGURI SHUN AND YAMADA YU ARE HAVING A BABY!! xD toma's wish came true!! in case you don't know, toma and masaki talked to shun about having kids in the future in an interview a while back. and toma said he really wants to see how shun's child will be, she/he would be really cute, etc. lol. she is expected to give birth this september!

-i forgot to give the direct link in my last post. if you are looking for toma's clips or gifs from Strategist Kanbe, go to these links. by the way, toma doesn't have many scenes, so right now, Jane is waiting to gather many video clips before she shares them.

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)

-New Ariel CM, kinda like from Singin' in the Rain! =)

(i tagged all his different commercials using "cm", so if you haven't seen the others, go to this link:

so, the most interesting bit of news about toma from last month is that he had a late dinner with an older married woman, Kawakita Nao. apparently, they seemed flirty and were holding hands. she is a member of his favorite band and he often has crushes on older women, so i wouldn't be surprised if he likes her. hmm. but then again, from what she says, her husband trusts them and doesn't mind them hanging out, so who are we to judge them, right? maybe they really are just friends. toma held hands with yuriko when she was drunk too (to keep her from falling). 

anyway, i didn't think it was such a big deal that i had to share the news here right away. lol. if there was evidence of him having an affair with her, then i'll definitely share the news here ASAP, though. xD i hope they're not. i don't think toma is that kind of person, though he's friends with shun, who cheated on his girlfriend a lot in the past. -___- but having an affair with a married woman is much more serious than just cheating on your girlfriend with random girls, so i don't think toma would risk his career that way. well, the internet did not explode and toma fans did not freak out and say bad things about her, so i guess so far, everyone agrees it's not a big deal and they are probably just friends. her fans were excited and want her to leave her husband for toma, though, it seems. i feel sorry for her husband. -_-

(more pics/info and fans' comments about the news here:

FRIDAY catches Ikuta Toma on a date

It was about 1 am in the morning. At a street crossing near Naka-Meguro Station, Ikuta Toma (29) was spotted wearing a cap and glasses. Beside him was a petite female wearing a mask. They chatted as they crossed the street, heading towards a dim alleyway. He casually reached for her hand and they walked hand-in-hand, eventually linking arms.

They seem to be heading to a deserted park after their dinner date at a Japanese restaurant earlier, where they had spent about two hours. They continued chatting there, and laughter could occasionally be heard. After a while, they started walking again, out of the park towards the main street. He flagged a taxi but only she got into it.

Who is she? Maybe a little surprisingly, she's not an actress or a model. She is Kawakita Nao, the 38-year-old drummer and vocalist of the metal band 'Maximum the Hormone'.

Ikuta Toma is known to be an avid fan of the band. A music writer commented that Toma not only attends their live performances, he lines up with other fans to buy their merchandise. He also has gone out for meals with the band members. In other words, she might be someone he looks up to. But Kawakita Nao is also a married woman.

She married the bassist of the now disbanded band REMIND in December 2008, and gave birth to a daughter in May 2010. FRIDAY caught up with her as she was leaving her house.

Reporter: Excuse me, I'm from Friday.
Nao: Eh.... yes.
Reporter: Did you have a meal with Ikuta Toma-san at Nakameguro the other day?
Nao: Ah, we often go out for drinks. Matsumoto-kun (from Arashi) always comes along too.
Reporter: But it was only the two of you the other day.
Nao: That's right.
Reporter: You were holding hands after you left the restaurant and look pretty close.. Does your husband know?
Nao: Ahaha. We were drunk. My husband knows we met. He sometimes go drinking together with us as well. Ikuta-kun is definitely just a friend.
Reporter: But being with such a good-looking guy, won't there be a chance of it developing into romance?
Nao: Unfortunately, I'm married (laughs). Sorry you had to come all the way here to talk to someone like me. Please send the message out to Ikuta-kun's fans to not worry.


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