Wednesday, November 5, 2008

some small pics f/the calendar's photo book

[my fav small pic f/the photo book!! kawaiiiiiii.]

blackheart.giftoma-ism #63:
he is my lifeblood.

hi there!
i'm really happy barack obama
is our new president!!!!!!!! =)

i don't have anything new to talk about yet, sorry!
but i have some small toma pics from the calendar to share.
hopefully most of u have not seen them??
and i think most of u have seen all the big pics, right?
and if u haven't, u can see them here in great quality:
(THANKS to Salome 4 telling me about this awesome tomapi site!)

enjoy~ ~
there's just a couple more small toma pics that i haven't scanned/taken pics of, but they're nothing too special, so... but maybe later i'll post them up anyways, unless i see it somewhere or any of u know of some1 else that already did, then pls tell me so i don't need to bother doing it! thanks.

That's all!

Till next time.



salome said...

good to have you back.

i loved that Toma photo where his shirt is lifting up to show a little tummy.

savvy kate said...

thank you, thank you, salome!
it's very good to be back! =)
yes, i love that pic too! haha.