Thursday, April 30, 2009


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sumimasen. posting late at night again.
next time!! i'll post earlier ne.

today's post is titled "continue", cuz toma never quits, he continues to work hard and try his best to make his dreams come true!! ^_^ and cuz i hope that toma will continue to be more and more successful and popular. and more loved and respected, too. so~ CONTINUE!! minna-chan, please also continue...

just today, i got to watch the 2 most important, recent, toma TV appearances, at Shoenen Club Premium and at Shin Domoto Kyoudai (Domoto Brothers)!!!!!!!!URESHIIIIII!! ~_~

but first, i should tell u where to DL the shows, in case u haven't:
(i know i already posted a link to the subbed video earlier, but TFS's translation is more accurate/detailed and precise!! ^_^ what a happy coincidence, they just released it today!!)

Ahhhhhhhh! ^-^
i really loved watching both shows, some really important and special moments for toma ne. being the 1st junior to appear on SCP, and being able to dance/sing on a TV show (after such a looooong time!), on kinki kids' show!!


i'll just mostly talk about how i feel, watching his SCP interview. cuz the other show wasn't subbed, but i still watched the whole thing, but i couldn't understand the questions or jokes, but i still loved seeing toma silliness and toma DANCE and SING!!!! the SCP is certainly toma's most personal/serious interview that i've seen. i'm glad he was interviewed by a sempai who supports him and understands what he's been through as a johnny's jr....and toma was so straightforward with his replies. and they had a lot of laughs together too. and this interview, u see that he has really grown up/he's so mature!! AND HE'S ONLY 24. ah...toma is inspiring, toma is love!

it's times like this, i'm really so proud of toma
and so happy for him ne.
i hope there will be many more times like this in 2009!
!!!! ★ ☀

Toma @SHOUNEN CLUB PREMIUM (4.19.2009):

-every1 supports toma!! his peers, his sempais!!!!♥ sugeh!
I'm really so happy to hear this! of course, toma's such an incredibly cute and awesome person, i'm not surprised everyone likes him and supports him! but it's good to hear it from his sempai, especially.

-he didn't wanna go audition 4 JE!! lol.
EH??? wow, luckily his mom made him go. but toma must have had at least a little interest or was talented at singing/dancing, or else why'd his mother think he should go audition? thank goodness he was accepted! and the rest is history... *-*

-as expected, being a johnnys jr. is tough (but fun!) work. those awful costumes!! lol. so it's not just us, toma thinks some of them looked really bad! xD

-old video clips of toma-kun!! so cute!! (though toma wasn't incredibly cute as a kid, but he was still cute and natural & stood out f/the others...just something so charming and likable about him ne.)

-toma said "we suck at singing" when seeing a 4Tops clip. lol. no, u guys were pretty good, toma-kun!!

-blood type A people...everything has to be just so!! right? haha. i'm blood type O, but i'm like toma, i'm a perfectionist. everything has to be a certain way...but then it also depends on the situation, actually. i can be careless about certain things... haha.

-ohno-kun!! =D nostalgic!! so toma just SEEMS serious sometimes, but he's not really thinking about anything important. lol. i really hope they can work together in a drama sometime, this time as friends!!

-about not being able to debut:

mm...toma is really so calm and honest when talking about this, though he seemed just a little uncomfortable/upset, but still...he handled these tough questions quite well! ~_~ it's been since 2002, he really started to like acting (butais, dramas...)!! only remembered him saying since Cat in the Red Boots, he was sure that he wanted to act more...

lucky for all of us fans, toma didn't quit!! he thought it wouldn't be right if he quit...ah, i agree with taichi-kun when he told toma, "i think u're really mentally strong!" i really admire his perseverence and patience!! and it really changed his life, when he found a bigger world...the acting world.

though it's really hard to say, cuz he's awesome at both, i'd say toma's real strength is in acting. & acting is more fun/challenging, anyway, right? but probably also more exhausting...but the most satisfying!! i think so. but it's funny, how there's a saying...all actors wanna try singing, and all singers wanna try acting. something like that... but it's a good thing toma got to try both from such a young age. but now, even...he can kinda do both despite not debuting! when he's in stage plays, he can both act AND sing...he gets the best of both worlds!! *_*

-each project/experience, toma wants to gain something f/it, learn f/co-stars, sempais, etc. ^_^

-in the future, as expected, toma really wants to act/work on something w/his friends f/JE. *_* wah, wouldn't it be cool if toma got to direct some kinda tv special or something, too? i'd love to see that!!

-toma's quiet "no, no" at the end!!

-when toma said he's really happy taichi-kun is happy 4 him, and it feels like "i've been recognized and accepted". he got a little emotional...and i felt so happy for toma at that moment!!!! u really see...toma's been through a lot and it wasn't easy for him to get where he is today...and to be able to appear on the SCP and hear his sempai say he and other sempais, JE guys are happy for his's like he's finally made it!! i was so touched. i'm really soooooo happy for toma. it's been a long time coming, but he made it. and i know it's cheesy, but like that miley cyrus song's the climb that matters most, and toma's was a long one. maybe he still hasn't reached the mountain top, but he's getting close!!!

Toma @Shin Domoto Kyoudai
(aired 4.26.2009, but filmed earlier...i forgot the date):

-what's with the 'duh duh duh' terminator music??

-i love it when toma acts a littly girly, like when he's sitting in this fem way. lol.

-poor toma, they teased him so much and made him answer so many questions too?

-look what toma can do with his hands!! he grossed everyone out! haha. and he can impersonate a girl and a guy talking to each other...his impression of a comedian's act?? sa!

-toma's "mm?" is kawaii!!!

-toma's dancing is ♥!! i actually liked the dancing part more than the singing, cuz toma is so COOL/relaxed when he danced, even if he was not in full dancing mode, but still!!!!!♥

-R those are toma's 9 fav songs? ehh...he really likes a lot of old songs ne. he was so nervous be4 he had to sing!! ah, it's been a long time. of course, he's still so cute when he sang that song, though!!♥ but u could tell he was still nervous ne... but it was a great performance, considering he hasn't sang live on tv 4 a long long time!! i hope toma will get more chances to sing/dance on tv shows from now on. =) love his voice (not the song!), he sang quite well, his voice was a little weak at first, but then he got into it more and did not disappoint!

yappari, i'm posting again tomorrow.

so, see u tomorrow! shikuyoro~
good night!!

[5.1.2009 edit:
forgot to say~~ i love the sempai/kouhai relationship that japanese ppl have...though other countries have a similar kinds of senior/junior relationships, but it's really significant and ubiquitous in japan. =)

i love how all JE guys are like part of the same team or same family and kinda all know each other thru this senpai/kouhai relationship. and the sempais are like older brothers to the kouhais...they can give them tips/encourage them when they work together. and the kouhais can look up to them, learn from them, hope to be like them someday. or be friends with them too! ii ne!!

i kinda feel like this applies to toma fans, too! there are different levels. i'm certainly not a sempai, those are the ppl that have been toma's fans for many yrs. i'm a 2 yr+ kouhai, then. haha...then i'm still above the 1 yr or less kouhais, sugoi!! lol. still~ i've managed to get a lot of toma knowledge in these almost 2 yrs, so i feel quite proud of my level of toma fangirl-ness already!!! xD]

[5.2.2009 edit:
forgot to say, toma watched the SDK show and said this in his blog. haha. poor toma. u sang pretty well, considering u were so nervous!! "It was embarassing to be singing on TV, after such a long time of not doing it The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I was so nervous, my throat just went gyun and closed up (laughs)"


lanie said...

you noticed that too? the way toma was sitting in domoto kyoudai.. ^_^ the show looks really fun, with all the dancing,singing, and laughing going on. I hope it will be subbed soon.

i'm so happy for toma. good thing he didn't give up. ganbatte toma! =)

kate`* said...

lol, lanie, i haven't finished editing and, "EH!! some1 already commented?!"

of course i noticed!! cuz toma has certain fem mannerisms sometimes, but i think this time it's partly cuz he's nervous. hehe.

haih!! keep gambaring, toma-kun!! WE SUPPORT U ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! <3

salome said...

SCP: i was also touched when he said he is happy to know that his senpai is happy for him. especially when he said that when they did backdancing for the senpais, he thought that some of them does not even know how they look. i find that so poignant.

SDK: i love Toma's expressions when he was told that they're going to show his chibi clips, & his expression when he saw his younger self.

lanie said...

oh! LOL. i thought the post was already finished when i commented. i just checked it again now before i turn off the pc, then i saw the pics that weren't there a while's labor day here today in the philippines w/c means no work =) and i've been browsing the net for almost the whole day now. hehe

yeah, he does have some fem mannerisms. but not just toma. i notice that w/ other japanese artists too. also w/ their looks..they look a bit girly to me. the 1st jdrama i've watched, hana yori dango..i thought matsujun looks like a girl when i saw him. same w/ toma when i first saw him in hyd2 =) i don't know..maybe because of their facial features i guess =)

joyceneoh said...

SCP was so wonderful..

And chibi Toma who taped the "Jimusho" up on his costume!!!

kate`* said...

hi there!
waari! i was rushing to update with the friday post, so forgot to reply 2 yr comments. THANKS FOR COMMENTING, everyone!!<3

yes yes! it was a really touching moment ne. was embarassing 4 him 2 see how he was back then. :P

haha, i often take a while 2 edit & add pics. souka. our labor day in the usa isn't until sept. YES, actually, most JE guys and a lot of japanese idols there look/act a little feminine/kawaii!! i thought it was kinda funny at 1st, but i'm used to it now. it's trendy for guys to look/act like girls. it's especially cute when toma's girly. :D

yeah! toma w/the taped up costume!! that was indeed a no good costume ne.