Sunday, April 26, 2009

majo's 1st episode: only 9%!!!! =0

(i usually don't use these kinda emoticons,

but i think it's necessary to use some to express my feelings this time. *sigh*)

only 9%!!!!! sad-smiley-065.gif

EHH!! NANDE??!!! wacko.gif i couldn't believe it. there must be some mistake?!! even H&C got 12 for its first episode! aiyaaaaaaaa. did Kusanagi's apology that day cause less ppl to watch TV that night somehow?? ehhhhh. probably not, but that was the only BIG thing happening in tokyo that day that i could think of.

unsure.gif's actually not so bad, for a late saturday night drama, i guess. but i REALLY hope the ratings will go up for the 2nd episode.

the first episode's title sounds cool. it is: ある日僕らは裁判員になった…そして忍び寄る魔の手 . which babelfish translates to (something like this...): Certain day I became the judgment member…And the hand of the demon which approaches

i got the info from majo's japan wiki page. u can now get the 1st ep. of majo at the toma LJ, but it's not subbed. and there's some new video clips (toma's appearances on various shows) and pics. check it out now~!!

in case any of u R interested, here's some news about SMAP's kusanagi's arrest and his press conference, too. mm...i hope he isn't frozen for too long. what he did really wasn't that bad! mellow.gif
Kusanagi's Arrest to Cost Billions, Friday April 24, 2009 Japan
Japan pop star free after arrest for drunk strip, Saturday April 25, 2009 Japan

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Gives Press Conference, Saturday April 25, 2009 Japan

ghost.gifAND THIS IS SCARY!!!!
i'm really FREAKING. OUT.

sneeze.gifTHE SWINE FLU!!!!
i'm getting some major deja vu, this all brings me back to 2003 when SARS was breaking out, except this is more serious/weird in some ways. just hours ago, the US declared it a public health emergency!! everyone, read the latest news to keep up to date with what's going on with this flu. don't panic (yet), and remember to wash your hands a lot (for at least 20 seconds!) and go see the doctor if u have any extreme flu symptoms with diarrhea or vomiting or difficulty breathing.

take care, everyone!! double_hearts.gif
stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong!!
i will too~


Anonymous said...

REALLY!? ONLY 9%!? WHATA HECK!? That sucks. I didn't watch it yet (T_T) SRRY!!!!! Too busy with school and such. Well, very shocking to hear that. Why is Toma's drama could be 9%? That's the lowest percent I ever heard in my 11 yrs of life... Well, I gotta think the brighter WAY! :| Bye!

kate`* said...

i haven't watched it either, waiting for eng. subs. might be at least a week or more be4 i can watch it...

well, it's quite low, but then late night dramas often have lower ratings, so it's not that bad...i hope the ratings will increase though!! sometimes his past dramas start out with high ratings, then go down. hopefully, this time it'll start low, but then go up!!

Anonymous said...

Yah. Me too. Ikuta-kun is a good actor; his drama must NEVER be low. EVER. Well, yes. MUST. Well, now. I can't watch it this week. CST(-_-).
oh yes. What was the % 4 Maou? I really loved that drama(not weird parts; yah) and I need to know. It couldn't have been low; could it!? (O_O) well, good night and bye:D

kate`* said...

carly, i think it's ok if his drama's ratings are low, if the drama still has lots of fans and gets good reviews/awards. but dunno if majo will be like that or not.

oh, good luck with the CST!!!!

maou aired at 10pm on fridays, and its avg. rating was only 11.4. but maou got good reviews & lots of fans liked it. and it later won lots of awards. =)