Thursday, April 9, 2009

EHH!!! >_<

a pic f/a magazine to promote majo saiban.


my 1st reaction to this pic (when i 1st saw it yesterday) was "EH!! what happened to toma's hair!!!" and secondly, "this pic looks photoshopped!!". but no, that really IS toma's hairstyle 4 this drama, and YES, he is posing with his majo saiban girlf, Manami, in an almost-kiss position! well, it's actually a pretty nice photo, once u get over toma's weird-looking hair and u remember she's only pretending to be his girlf! but why is her hand like that?? looks like she's trying 2 push him away! haha.

(i remember seeing some yamashita pics where he was doing all this stuff w/this woman IN BED, and WITH NO SHIRT ON. that was really too much!! toma-kun had better not be taking any of these pics ever!! i don't think us fans could stand him being so intimate with another girl like that! x_x)

yappari this pic got a big reaction f/fans at LJ. go to the link right under the pic to check out their comments and more pics of toma filming for this drama. I WAS MORE SHOCKED BY TOMA'S HAIR THAN BY HIM BEING CLOSE WITH HER IN THESE PICS. haha...*sigh* toma's hair is so...!! not good. it looks worse with the highlights!! and his clothes too...blah! i guess they purposely did this to make toma look less cute and more in character, though, so i can forgive them for making him look bad. well, at least this time, if the drama is successful, they can't say it's just cuz toma is cute/his clothes is cool. xD

and some fans were saying they'd think toma is gonna have some kinda bed scene in this drama!? i don't think so. they can't go from toma never kissing any girl onscreen to suddenly him having such intimate scenes!! and i don't think doramas often have bed scenes anyway? and i don't think toma would agree to do those kinda scenes anyway?! well, i hope that toma and manami will at most only have some quick kissing scenes in this drama, nothing more, please!!!!

seriously though--
i've complained about his haircut a lot, but despite this, i'm still really excited about this drama!! his first leading role!!
and i just read somewhere that april 25 is a national holiday for japan. any1 know what holiday is it? i looked it up but couldn't find anything. this is cool~ if it's a holiday that day, more ppl will be free to watch the first ep. of majo!!! =D


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Hiya kate.

It's really wavy, ne? I was a bit wary at the start, when it started indicating that he going down the perm way, and I only hoped it wouldn't be too frizzly curly. Maybe, it's because I'm not used to seeing it on him. And when you have good hair to compare with, it's sorta shocking.

But after seeing the pics in filming - I actually think it's okay for this character. Like a different person. And, funnily enough to be saying it, I don't mind the blonde on this crazy hair. Might as well, go more crazy..heheh. I dunno, didn't look as good in black. But off screen, it's sorta weird seeing Toma in that hair. And he is singing and SCP, and doing millions of stuff out of I'm accepting and non-accepting at the same time. Bahhh

Ha..Toma said his character a typical youngster, not really caring for society, but still a good person. He loves his girlfriend, but will still look at pretty girls down the street...hahha... and I think he said, he was a designer type..well not professional.

kate`* said...

hi paige!
(i missed seeing u here!!)

well, i've seen guys that look good w/this kinda curly, BIG hair, but toma is NOT one of them. lol. yeah, he looks so CUTE w/straight hair, nande...

haha, i guess u're right. his hair's already messed up, why not add highlights too. :P AIYAAAA 0_o i forgot about that. is he gonna appear on shows with that hair?! at least make it less curly when u're on those shows, pls, toma!!

ah, souka. so he's kinda like Box f/@DEEP, but he's not afraid of girls. :D thanks 4 the info!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

I've just been hanging around LJ abit more. ^_^

I hope he does straighten it a bit for the SCP. I want him to look his best there. Cos, it's a important chapter in his JE road. As for the drama - well, it's set in just have to wait and in live motion, as it may look better, or may look worse than pics. Hopefully not worse.

I think he starts off designing/making t-shirts - along those lines type (in the drama).

kate`* said...

oic. =)

it's too bad, toma's hair is pretty long now so he can't straighten it much w/out it looking funny...kinda wavy is ok... (btw, yamashita's hair lately! well, in the winkup 5.2009 at least! is really long! he needs a haircut BADLY!!!)

mm, i know what u mean. like in that important moment, he's gotta look his best!! i still remember when hacken won his 1st best male singer award, and his hair was...not looking its best!! wish he had done something diff with his hair then. =/

in the drama...i think toma's hair will look better in motion.