Friday, April 10, 2009

THAT necklace!! questions about toma's (friendship) ring necklace...

(1 of my fav toma pics f/last yr!! *CLICK ON THE PIC TO SEE THE FULL SIZE VERSION.* and of course, he's wearing the necklace here too. credit:

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(sorry, any1 f/the AF toma thread, u've already read this!

i have questions about his necklace....
I KNOW, I'M WAY TOO OBSESSED WITH TOMA, NOTICING/WONDERING ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS. =T but this necklace does look cool and it goes w/a lot of different outfits too, probably 1 of the reasons toma wears it all the time! actually, u can easily replicate it, sorta. just buy a small ring, a necklace, and an "I" shaped charm. put them all together, and u have something kinda like toma's necklace!! haha. and yes, i did do this, and yes, i am wearing it now!! xD

surely, any toma fan who's seen lots of his pictures will notice he often wears a certain necklace with a ring and small cylinder-shaped charm (sometimes with just the ring)? he wears it A LOT... actually, pretty much all the time, it seems, except when he's filming dramas or something. even when it's not showing cuz it's under his shirt, u can see part of the necklace around his neck. he's been wearing it from early on too, like in this pic. (*CLICK ON THE PICS TO SEE THE FULL SIZE VERSION!!*)

(credit: can't remember! probably f/some1 at LJ)

(not the necklaces i'm talking about, but here's a clear pic of them
wearing necklaces that kinda look alike. credit:

i remember fans talking about it at the toma LJ community or the tomalicious forum or somewhere else...about how it's a friendship necklace and that yamashita has one too, though he leaves it underneath his shirt so u don't see it as much as toma's. someone wrote a fanfic about it even!! but was it like a 4Tops friendship necklace? i kinda remember reading that some JE guys have friendship sometimes the group would wear matching friendship necklaces or something like that...look at this pic below, it looks like shunsuke has the same kinda ring necklace? just without the cylinder charm.

(credit: can't remember! probably f/some1 at LJ)

oh, and there are (at least) 2 different rings. and many different necklaces, too. the one u rarely see him wear on the necklace is the bigger ring, the one he's wearing here, and the same one on shunsuke's necklace in the pic above. can anyone tell what it says on the ring in english?? i'm just curious...maybe it's a friendship ring that 4tops members have?

(the big ring...can't tell what the writing on it says...)

(he's wearing the big ring on the necklace here)

(a different ring?? love this pic!! kakkoii deshou? *-*)

i googled and also searched at the LJ community, but can't find any real info about this ring necklace. but i discovered that the tomapi fansite Hanbun has a cool section where they have an actual TIMELINE of important Tomapi events from 1996 all the way to 2008!!! omg!! that's real dedication and effort, gathering and listing all these tomapi facts/intvs! and also, a lot of the old interviews (translated to eng.) are linked in the timeline.^_^ CHECK OUT THE TIMELINE AND SOME OF THE INTERVIEWS!! tomapi rabu rabu~~ =) their cute interviews are fun to read!!

(2 pics where u can see the ring clearly:)

(1 of the rare pics where toma is wearing only the ring with the necklace. but in the last pic, the charm is back on the necklace. ^_^)

(2 pics where toma is actually touching the ring...biting it nervously during nakai's bowling show f/2008 =P, and touching it in a maou photoshoot. ah~ that last pic is sexy/cool!!!! 9/26/09 edit: HE WAS NOT BITING IT!! my mistake! HE WAS BITING SOMETHING ELSE, LIKE A COIN OR SOMETHING that nakai gave him??)


leeomurasaki said...

im surprised u have a blog for this too!!
ive only noticed toma's ring necklace a few days ago..nd started looking for sites that tells stuff about it..
nd again..ur site popped up..
wooow..u really do have everything huh..
kyaaaa..i have most of the photos that uve posted here..
so kool..
im now curretly looking for a place where i could buy the charm or the metal thing aside from the ring..hehe..yosh! i want one too..

kate`* said...

YES!! FINALLY SOME1 COMMENTS HERE!! haha. i blog about all kinds of toma things neeee. ^_~

right, i've discovered that my site pops up a lot when u search 4 toma-related stuff. lol. i'm happy, but i never thought it would get this popular (on search engines, anyway)!! wow...

ah, hounto?? ~_~ i hope u find it soon. *wearing my "toma" necklace right now! :P*