Sunday, April 5, 2009

where to read tomagoto / more kawaii toma pics! =)

since a lot of people have been asking lately, i've written some detailed instructions below, about where to go to read translations of toma's blog, tomagoto. also, i wrote a post about tomagoto here, go there to find out more about toma's jweb (another name for his blog)! =)
(instructions of where to read his jweb are also posted there)

also linked to the post above from here, so other new fans will get this info too, i hope.


u can read the 2007-most recent posts at this section of Tomalicious:
(but u have to register there first and i think u have to have at least 50 posts to access this section. well, start posting a lot, but remember, don't spam!)

u can also read a lot of recent/old tomagoto posts here:
u need to register first at tomalicious, then u can access the Translations section. for livejournal, some posts are locked, so you should register at livejournal ( and then join that ikuta_toma group ( to make sure u can see all the posts. (registration is free at both places!)

*** is the better place to go, cuz they've got a lot of his posts, they're nicely organized and in order, and the translations are correct and easy to read.*** BUT at livejournal, there's MANY different translators, and they vary in the quality of translation. and there's so many recent/old tomagoto posts there, not in order, might be hard 4 u to look thru them all...]

toma also had his own corner on Wink Up Magazine titled “Ikuta Toma no Ikita Kotoba” (Toma Ikuta's Words to Live By). On this corner he used to talk about “heart-felt” things, and he often writes about his mom. "On this corner he writes a one-page essay about things that interest him, as well as his daily experiences. Included in the page are pictures taken from his own camera." (this info from his current wikipedia page) Don't know when he started writing for this corner again, but now each month there's a new one. and TFS translates them!! i didn't know about this till recently! haha. i told u i was behind on toma stuff! in these, he writes quite a lot about what's going on in his life and also shares nice pics of himself or scenary that he took himserlf. u can find them here at TFS's LJ:

(you should join livejournal and then join this group, also, for the reasons i said above)


and here's~
more toma cuteness~!!♥

my fav is the wink up, i'm gonna try to buy this issue!! toma is so handsome, and i love seeing pics of toma hanging out somewhere outside and not indoors. ~_~

[credit: thanks to strawberry_gemm once again =), and the link is below]
it'll be friend-locked in 3 days, so go there now, HAYAKU! (HURRY!)


Anonymous said...

HI! This is Teddia66. I just wanted to know... How do u get these cool blog ideaz come from!? I soooo need to know! Also, i like those pics of Toma-kun on ur blog post! (>u<) he is soooooo cute! where can i find perfect pictures of Toma-kun!?

kate`* said...

hi teddia66. =)

umm...that's a funny question. i don't know...somehow i just think them up. haha. well...most of my posts are about toma or things that remind me of toma or about his dramas....

well, check out this post, i listed a bunch of links where u can find toma pics.

and for the newest toma pics like the ones in this post, go to

kate`* said...

oh, i added 2 more links under the pics section, teddia. make sure u check them out too!

Anonymous said...

Thank U kate chan! I'll be glad 2 help u learn Japanese, even though I might be suck y at teaching!

kate`* said...

hey carly~
u don't have to really teach me. just sometimes when u post, write 1 word in japanese and tell me what it means. that would be cool. but it's ok if u don't remember.