Monday, April 13, 2009

MAJO SAIBAN: good news, bad news

i was going to...i really wanted to...

talk about Voice, ep.s 8-11 (the ending) today.
but i don't think i'll have time.
i'll write about it tomorrow or something.

well, at least i have a majo saiban update~
and it's a good news, bad news kinda thing.

toma's hair looks better in the drama/in real life than in the pics (just as i expected/hoped)!! =] check this out~ thanks to bizkit19 for posting and hisatopi for sharing!! it's a short video clip of toma's recent radio interview and it's got some clips from his new drama!

of course~ he's still cute.
it's toma! he can't not be cute!! :P

and toma's character seems kinda immature, right? haha. though the drama's topic is serious, i hope toma's character can be both a serious and a fun guy...kinda like a combination of Naoto and Ryosuke.

EHH!! again, they photoshopped toma's pic on the poster quite badly, for the version that is posted at the official website!!! =/ i dunno why they can't do a better job of blurring/sketching his picture, like in the H&C or Maou posters!! *sigh* it can't be helped.
u can see it here:

go here 2 check if yr computer is infected w/Conficker or some other virus!!
I can't see the middle top image!! =[


Anonymous said...

Hi kate ^^

He looks cute ne? :3 I like the hairstyle xD Well at first I didn't like it as much either, Well after seeing the video...It did look cute.. well actually any hairstyle looks good on him

OMG!!!! o____o Why did they photoshopped Toma's pic again >_> eehhh.. they could of left it the way it was before >_<
Thanks for the info ^^
I can't wait for Majo Saiban >_<

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe they did a bad job on that thing. The website. The picture is super duper UGLY. Toma kun was supposed to be cute!
Did u watch a show Ikuta Toma was in with the Mjo Saiban cast? I was able to see how good Ikuta toma draws<3!! But my mom got so shocked by the 30sec. CM and she doesn't want me to watch it~. She saw killed people. I watched Maou and what's the difference? Go to ask.
Do u have a Mac Computer? Cause I have one and I wanted to make a YouTube( cropped) vid. If u have one, can u tell me how to make cropped vids?

kate`* said...

hi kawaii-girl~

haih!! i was so relieved, his hair doesn't look that bad, and he is still so cute. ^-^ right, toma can pull off almost any hairstyle!!

i know, huh!! i was so disappointed, his pic looks so bad!! well, u know, cuz of the JE rule, so they photoshop his pic into a "drawing" so they can use it. >_<

majo is coming SOON!! the end of next week is the premiere. *_*

kate`* said...

hey carly~

yeah, i don't get why they can't photoshop it better?!

no, haven't watched warrate iitomo yet. have 2 dload it! really? i didn't know he draws well!! =) um...well, i think it's similar to maou, she doesn't have to worry so much?? but i haven't seen the CM, so... but i still hope u can watch it!! it's toma's 1st leading role in a drama neeee.

no, i don't have a Mac, but u can probably search 4 this info online. just google it!

Anonymous said...

Thanx kate-chan! I got how to crop it now! I don't know if he was that good, since they were rushing when they were drawing. But I think if he draws with no time limit, I think it is super great:] Ikuta-Kun is perfect.
This drama is not about Ikuta Toma, but this drama called 33pun Tantei( I think that's how u spell it) is funny. It's doing a special before majo starts. like about the same time. It's really stupid and funny. The main character is from Kinki Kids. I think. U should watch it( if u want to; u don't have to)! Bye and Thanx:]

kate`* said...

ah, really...i wanna watch this show, but can't get the dload links right now, the person at LJ friend-locked it. aiya...i hope some1 else will upload this show so i can watch it!! only seen screencaps of it.

33pun Tantei? oh, i heard about this drama last yr, but haven't watched it! maybe i'll try watching it sometime. =P but its links at mysoju are not working right now.