Thursday, December 4, 2008

*__* toma's gonna be in a new winter drama: VOICE~ Voice of the dead!

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i wasn't going to post anything today,
but then i saw paige's message!! he's gonna be in a new drama!!! sugehhhhh!!! ^_^
thanks again, paige, 4 telling me. =)
what a good morning, just went online and got this good news right away!!

he is so popular these days and he's a complete workaholic. haha~
[check in the Latest Updates section for news and a picture of toma in his costume, looking very medical student-y...somehow i still see him as naoto, so it's a little weird to see him as a different character, though....]

here's a very short news article about it:

and thanks to ninchan & teacup for this news:

Toma's Winter Drama! :)
Hi everyone, I translated Teacup's news posting over here :)

The next Monday9 "Forensics" Ikuta and Satomi casted

In Fuji TV's "Monday9 Drama", "VOICE~ Voice of the dead" showing next January starring actor Eita (25), actor Ikuta Toma (24) and actress Ishihara Satomi were casted, as known on the 3rd. It's Ikuta's first time as a regular cast on Monday9, while it's Ishihara's first heroine role in Monday9.

This is an original story, and the theme is "Forensics", a rarity in serial dramas. The 3 of them act as university forensic students. It seems like it'll be a drama depicting the human side showing "life and death" in a series of murder and serious crimes.

Says Ikuta with enthusiasm "I want to make it a meaningful drama which will make people think about the importance of life." When Ishihara's casting was decided, she started reading up on forensic textbooks and reference materials, saying "it's surprisingly close to heart yet very deep, so it's interesting!" and gives her everything in carving the role. "I have this feeling it's a drama which will leave something behind every week", she says as though with a sense of working through it already.

Together with Eita, these 3 young talented actors will cut into the serial drama world with their sharp "scalpels"!

Ishihara Satomi is a female undergraduate! Eita's close friend is Ikuta Toma

Ikuta Toma (24) and Ishihara Satomi (21) will be acting in Fuji TV's next Monday9 drama. In "VOICE~ Voice of the dead" which starts next January, it depicts the struggle of students belonging to the forensics department in the medical university. It's Ikuta's first time as a regular cast on Monday9, while it's Ishihara's first heroine role in Monday9.

Ikuta plays the close friend of the lead role Eita (25) is playing. In classes he's a playboy and mood maker, but hides his true personality, a difficult role with 2 personalities, but producer Takiyama Madoka explains, "It's a complicated role which combines the light and shadows of Ikuta-san, and has many expressions". Ikuta also says with enthusiasm "I want to make it a meaningful drama which will make people think about the importance of life."

Ishihara is a top student full of passion and knowledge. It's her first formal role as an undergraduate, and comments "I look forward to bringing out the campus life. I've started reading forensic textbooks and reference materials but it's surprisingly close to heart yet very deep, and it's interesting!"

----------- and here are the wiki pages for the drama and the other 2 characters. they both are good-looking =) i don't know anything about them. i hope they're good actors!

i wonder if they've started filming?

i like murder mysteries! but more the police investigating them kind than the forensics kind. and focusing on the human side of life & death sounds sad. i hope it will not be depressing ne...

but this is still very exciting!! toma's 1st time starring in a Monday9 drama! it must be a good thing, these Monday9 dramas usually more popular or something? though toma is not the lead, but his character sounds cool, another challenging role 4 him! another troubled guy. toma as a playboy who's actually a nice guy?? umm...that kinda sounds like the real toma! haha. well, in the sense that he's popular and outgoing but he's actually a quiet, serious person, too. ahh~ it's gonna be fun to see toma flirting a lot!! haha~ i'm imagining a combination of nakatsu & takemoto, but more toned down... i'm glad toma's playing a college student again. i like seeing him as a student...more carefree, young, and in casual clothes.

i'm also happy it's an ORIGINAL STORY! not based on a manga or another drama, so it'll all be new and no clues to how the story ends! but since he's supporting, i'm guessing it's another unrequited love?? =[



gambatte toma-kun!

i support u!! ~_~

i'll definitely watch it~
as soon as it's subbed!


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