Tuesday, December 9, 2008

new winter banners & winter/christmas theme!!


it's up! the new winter banners!!! yeah~
i'm happy with them. it took me a looooong time to find them too.
surprisingly, there's not a lot of great snow/snowing photos!
they mostly look boring/melancholy...the one at the top was taken at 7am in Ohio, USA. and the DT banner! she's so pretty, right? kawaiiiii. i don't usually use pics w/ppl in them, but this pic is just too cool to not use!! the girl in the photo, which i and others have nicknamed "snow princess", is also the photographer, *zara! sugeeee~~ she looks like she stepped out of a manga, no?

i added a slideshow. =)
201 pretty winter/xmas pics! i started it since november. haha! hai~ u should really see the full-size pics, though! actually~ i'm not really excited about christmas. i might prefer Festivus! lol. u'll understand if u're a Seinfeld fan. ano....if u have watched Honey and Clover...well, i am kinda like takemoto-kun in the way i feel about christmas... but i still love seeing the lovely, peaceful snow scenes and bright and colorful christmas decorations!! ii ne~

soshite, a new bg winter song! enya.
her new CD, And Winter Came, is pretty good. =) give it a listen on imeem~ tranquility~ serenity~!
i've got other good xmas songs...i'll change the bg song here many times this month.

i'll post something new tomorrow.
matta ne.


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