Wednesday, December 24, 2008

15 seconds/30 seconds cm's for VOICE ~voices of the dead~!

[1st impression of toma's character (uh...forgot his name!): cuuuuute!]

YESSS!! a 15 seconds & a 30 seconds cm for VOICE ~voices of the dead~! (no poster yet, though...) just saw it right now, thanks to for the news!! i found the 2 cm's at youtube: thanks to Bloaty0712 for sharing it!! & the 30 sec. one just uploaded a day ago!!

just some quick comments: they used coldplay's viva la vida!! (this song reminds me of Maou, though!).....TOMA'S HAIR IS PERFECT NOW. ~_~ i like it dark-brownish more than black (makes him look more boyish) & i LOVE the style/length. like takemoto's, but better! ...he doesn't seem look like a playboy at all!.... & a lot of this reminds me of H&C....i don't like the lead actress....this drama seems good.....great to see toma in nice, warm winter clothes, unlike when he was filming H&C. ~_~

oh, mark your calendars, it starts airing jan. 12, 2009! for those of u who need eng. subs, pls circle the day that's around 1 week after jan. 12. haha....sure we'll have 2 wait at least 1 wk for might be longer...

( OH, FORGOT TO TALK ABOUT THIS IN THE XMAS POST BELOW. there's this cute xmas song, merry merry christmas baby, by jocie guo u should listen to! i like the remix version more, but they only let u listen to 30 sec. of it now, here. =( well, u can see the MV for the original version of the song here. it's a really cute & cheerful christmas song ne!! =D )

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