Saturday, December 13, 2008

in this cold weather, i wish toma's tight embrace could keep me warm~~

♥ toma-ism #75:
i've gotta say it...!

prettyyyy lights~~
(i really tried! really tried to find this xmas in japan's pic link at flickr but i can't. i found it a while back, and it's so pretty, just wanna share with everyone. IF SOME1 KNOWS WHERE THIS IS IN JAPAN, PLS TELL ME, MAYBE IT CAN HELP ME FIND THE PIC AT FLICKR AND GIVE THEM CREDIT!)

it's getting really cold~ ne.
the other day, it was so cold that my window was fogged up~ ne.
i wanted to write something and yappa~ i couldn't think of anything other than "i -heart- toma!" lol. with the sun rising, shining brightly behind it, it looked very nice~ ne!

ahh~ a while back, read at AF, news about oricon's survey of which male star u'd want to embrace you tightly to keep u warm on a cold night. are?? can u believe it?! toma wasn't in the top ten! what's wrong w/the women surveyed??!! maybe he was #11, as he's often right behind yamashita. =T well, at least 4 hiro, shun, yamashita, i agree with them being on the list! u can read the news below.
Oricon: who do you want to be held by?

ahhhhh~ toma hugging u tightly on a cold tokyo night!!!
umm...but besides that sweet nakatsu-mizuki hug, i don't remember him hugging any girl tightly...he hugs guys a lot more than girls neeee. in real life too, actually!

that's it!

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