Tuesday, December 16, 2008

random news that reminds me of toma / random fact/ some Grease-y stuff ;)

♥ toma-ism #77:

Because you live~ and breathe~
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, boy
My world has twice as many stars in the sky...

I'm so glad I found an angel
Who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly, looking in your eyes!
[jesse mccartney's Because you live, slightly altered lyrics]

sa, today is just random toma-related stuff again.

these 2 news are not about him, but it makes me think of him. =)

....... http://asianfanatics.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=608123
Top 50 Oricon Yearly 2008: Singles (10 Dec 2007 - 8 Dec 2008),
Friday December 12, 2008

1) Arashi - truth/Kaze no Mukou e (618,229)
2) Arashi - One Love (524,269)
[see the full list at the link above]

i really love TRUTH so much!!!
an awesome themesong for an awesome drama! ^_^

[YAY!! credit: baidu. but there's also a watermark, i think it's I Toma Club.]

Oricon: Who you'd want as boyfriend/girlfriend?,
Saturday December 13, 2008

"A new face in that ranking is Miuri Haruma on 8th place who is especially popular among women in their 20s. He is described as having a "cute smiling face and a very manly serious face.
Toda Erika is currently starring in the very popular dorama "Ryusei no Kizuna" and is described as being able to be "totally cute" on one side, but also "sincere" when necessary, which seems to be a very attractive character for a lot of men."

what??? that's totally toma!! he's cute when he smiles, but also can look very tough/manly when he's serious! and he's cute/sincere too!

ah, i give up. i don't get it.
hopefully next year, toma can be even more popular and make it onto more of these kinda surveys!!!

[btw, i was saying be4 that i don't remember toma hugging any girl tightly in a drama. i just remembered today!! in HDY2, he/junpei hugged mao/tsukushi so so tight!! I WANNA SWITCH PLACES WITH HER!!!!! *__* ]

.......... http://www.batgwa.com/story.php?id=1374

here's an interview w/a pretty good actor/singer f/Hong Kong, raymond lam. he talked about why he likes acting and singing. i just thought it was great how he described why he likes acting...and i think about how great it is that as an actor, toma can "live" many different lives and do many interesting things a normal person can't. and of course, when he was a singer, he was able have the high of a live audience applauding/screaming for him, too! actually, as an actor for a stage play, toma can experience the best of both acting AND singing!!! awesomeness... ~_~ for all these reasons, i think many of us have at least at one point, really wished to be an actor. ah, sometimes i wish i could be an actress....but i'm definitely more suited for behind the scenes stuff. haha.]

"Acting is my original calling and with each character, it is like living the life of a different person all over again. I feel that as an actor, we are very fortunate because we can experience many personalities and lives that an average person would not be exposed to. Take Goon Ga Jai (???) from Moonlight Resonance (????) for example, if I was not an actor, I would never have had the chance to learn how to make Chinese cakes or be part of such a big family. As TVB series can be viewed all over the world, sometimes I will go abroad and meet people in the street who call me by my characters' names. Through this, I feel like I get to meet a lot of people."

he also says that he likes singing because u get immediate feedback from the audience, unlike in acting. (sorry, the chinese characters didn't show up)

.............. random toma fact: if he had to choose f/a certain group of female comedians, he would marry Yanagihara Kanako!

i learned this from listening/reading enshinge's translation of a recomen show from last year. [this was a really really great one, btw, toma is sooooooo cute and they talk about a lot of funny stuff. i'll post the link where u can dload it later...]

why? cuz he says she is kawaii and thinks she would have a more feminine side when off-screen... and he doesn't mind that she's a little younger than him (2 yrs). but he's also said be4 that he doesn't mind anyone older than him!! ehh.... the way he talks, u'd think any average girl can be his girlfriend! TOMA, U NEED HIGHER STANDARDS, OR AT LEAST NARROW IT DOWN MORE LA! hahahaha. and half the time toma says some1 is kawaii, i'm not sure if he means like...cute/pretty or cute/nice or gentle person or cute/likeable or charming....?

anyway, u can see her pic and find out more about her here:

(and "what?! i'm prettier than her!!" lol...)

................GREASE-y stuff:

[whoa! go danny!! credit: http://www.crunchyroll.com/user/princess_rei09]

also, she's got such a cute old tomapi animation!! kawaii!!

and here's some really BIG, cool/sexy toma pics from grease!

thanks to Ultra Violet who posted at the AF thread:
Baidu has some large Grease pictures. Credits to poster Yang Nan04420.
thank u thank u ultra violet!! he is so freaking cute in those pics!!
u know i hate smokers, but damn, he looks so hot when he's lighting up a cigarette!! *_*

and here's 2 songs i found on imeem, recorded f/Grease!



many thanks to jennifer & carina and others, so generous (and risked being caught recording it!), who are sharing/have recorded audio clips for us fans that couldn't go see him live!! i have actually listened to some of the full-length audio recording that someone shared (check Tomalicious fansite, the Latest News section), and it's so cool to be able to listen to the show like this, it feels like i'm sitting in the theatre!! ^_^

minna-chan~ hounto ni arigatou!!!

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