Tuesday, December 30, 2008

あけましておめでとう! ♥ ツ

[the fresh white snow is like a blank canvas for you to draw on for the new year!

♥ toma-ism #79:

(in my dream~)
Your breath comes out in a sigh as we embrace as if no space exists between us
Like how fish nestle together, let's sway together and fall asleep
Time comes to a standstill, as if in a child's dream
Let's fly off into the light
During mid-winter, on board the snow express.
(NewS' SNOW EXPRESS lyrics, translated by yamapk)

happy new year's eve!
2009!!! it's almost here!

あけましておめでとう!! ♥ ツ
akemashite omedetou!!

(and~ happy new year!!)

to toma-kun and many of u who are in asia, the middle east, europe, africa, australia, new zealand...everyone in the eastern hemisphere!!! i'll be here when toma and you are celebrating new year's at midnight (4 those of u in Japan), which is morning 4 me, and then have to wait till my midnight for 2009 to come.

[^_^ a fireworks show 4 u! the 2008 New Year Fireworks, Sydney, Australia]

i hope u don't mind~
took a short break f/updating cuz i was having way too much fun this xmas!
haha. no, i'm kidding. yappari~ my xmas was just ok. but i needed a break f/updating cuz i had spent so much time writing the "close to 4hrs" story earlier. and i figure not a lot of ppl R coming here during this time, anyway...

new banners 4 the new year! =)
i made the "love" a pale, light pink, to better blend in w/the white snow bg~~
and again, it took me a long time to find these photos! i knew i wanted nice bright winter images that gives you a fresh, "new year" feel...but mostly, winter pics look quite cold, lonely, and melancholy! very dreary, lifeless, colorless stuff...after a long time looking, finally found these. both are morning, snowy winter pics! the "snow morning" was taken somewhere in japan in feb. 2008, while the "Early morning snow!" here was taken in Library Park, Bath, Maine, usa, 2 yrs ago. i like the park's name~ library park. so peaceful! i wonder if it's cuz there's a library there, or it's just called that......

i wish i could have a snowy new year...always loved how hobbes and calvin put it (f/calvin & hobbes comics, my fav comic series!! yappa~ i identify a lot w/calvin & hobbes' way of thinking. haha. hounto ni!):

everything familiar has disappeared! the world looks brand-new!

calvin: a new year...a fresh, clean start!
hobbes: it's like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on!
calvin: a day full of possibilities! it's a magical world, hobbes, ol' buddy...

[sorry 4 the blurriness!] here's a pic i took of that comic and also one of my favs, when calvin explains (yells =P) why he does not need to make any new years resolutions (cuz he's already perfect the way he is! lol. I'M WITH U, CALVIN!! hahaha. i also refuse to make any new yr resolutions 4 this same reason!! and cuz change is always bad, i always say. haha...kidding!).

xD "just what r u implying? that i need to CHANGE??"

[xD lol!! ohno's funny toma pic!]


there's a lot of cool toma pics here!! many u have seen before, but there's some new ones & a lot from summertime that i haven't seen, that i was looking 4!!! sugoi! *__* thanks to mHadZs Tayaban 4 uploading so many nice pics. here's just a couple that i like!
do i really need to say it? yes i do! kakkoiiiiii!


[takemoto-kun!! ~_~]

[toma, who r u waiting for...]

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