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kate's really~ very~ extremely~ late toma BIRTHDAY SCOOP! / a birthday meteor shower especially for toma?!

smilie toma-ism #73:
un~deniably ka~wa~ii.

koumbawa! minna genki?

ah, sou des ka. (oh really)
(sorry sorry, so late in posting this! i started it early but couldn't finish till night time.)

omatase shimashita! (sorry to keep you waiting)
i should have written something about what happened on his birthday soon afterwards. but it's now exactly 2 months after his birthday (in tokyo time).

sou desu ne. (that's right)

soshite~ (and) it's~
the hk person i love most:
hacken lee's birthday today!
(though it's past in hk time) saang yut fai loh, hacken!! ^_^

sa, today has a real happy birthday feel to it.
with that~ i'll start this post! yeosh!!

ah, before i forget~ yappari, i have no idea if toma has seen our TL! bday project graphic (w/all the hugs, kisses, LOVE, etc. 4 him) or not. but i'm guessing~ almost certainly not! haha~ but at least the cards i sent have not been rejected and returned to me. so i can still hope that 1 day he'll see 1 of my letters and come to DT... and here! =) or maybe he can miraculously find it on his own while surfing the net?

ALSO, gomen, if u already know most of the info i'm posting below.
if that's the case, please come back later for the next update!

[12.7.08 EDIT:
1 of of the fans that that wrote to toma, the letters he read on ANN, called him toma-kun. i was happy to know that it's ok to call him toma-kun. though some1 else called him ikuta-kun. i prefer toma-kun! also, forgot to say toma said ~_~ "iyaa, ureshii nee!" (no way, so happy!) and something else about fans before he said thank you. ]

............. how the Grease staff & cast celebrated toma's birthday / toma's tomagoto entry about his b-day / shun gave toma something on oct.8 @ANN

as expected, toma celebrated his birthday on stage, in the theatre again! the 3rd year in a row!
they surprised him with a birthday cake while rehearsing for Grease. =)
toma was surprised and very happy. also, yaratchi (his co-star in Grease) gave him cool headphones.

(credit for b-day cake pic goes to TOMA-KUN who took it! Other ppl there had bdays in october too, so it's toma & those ppl's bday cake! and info above: toma's Winkup entry that TFS translated. *YOU CAN SEE NICER PICS OF THE CAKE AT TOMALICIOUS'S Latest News section!*)

for his blog entry about his b-day, toma said ikuta toma has turned 24. he will keep doing his best! and he's grateful to his family, staff, and "you" (fans? friends? everyone that he loves/that loves him i guess! ^_^) and then he said thank you. i wish he had said straight out that he's grateful to all his fans, too! but i guess the "you" at the end should cover fans too! mmm...but last year toma-kun wrote more entries relating to his b-day ne.
(credit: TFS's translation of tomagoto vol. 172,

also, the day after his b-day (or actually, really really late on his b-day, since ANN starts at 1am?), toma was a guest on shun's ANN radio program to promote the hana kimi special. and of course, to just hang out together. hahaha. and shun gave toma something! i dunno what. it might have been a hat? i heard something like "hat-o" ?? shun played yui's "happy birthday to you you" song (and shun was singing along w/the song a little!! heehee), too, while giving him his gift!! ~_~ that was my fav bday song from my toma bday countdown, remember?? also, they also played that song in dec. 2007, when toma did gave shun something 4 his bday 2007 during ANN. =)

i tried searching online, i couldn't find the answer. =/


you can see all the postcards/letters/pictures fans sent in here:

you can see the 2 boxes that contained all of the above here:

on oct. 12, scattie posted a message at the forum saying the project has been completed, she sent out the 2 boxes (postcards/photos) and letters in red envelopes (all numbered, with a short written explanation). they were all sent to scattie's friend in tokyo who tried to hand it to him while Grease was going on. if she couldn't, she'll send it to an address scattie gave her. Grease is over and no word from her, so i guess it was sent to that address. to JE? can't be, they don't accept gifts!! well, i dunno where it is now, but at least the letters probably reached toma ok!

(screencaps credit: TFS,

i really really hope toma got the 2 boxes!
kito~ he would be extremely surprised/happy/hyper/touched if he got it!!
i don't see/hear/know of toma interacting with fans much, but i've heard him reading some fanmail/email to him when he hosted ANN at the end of last year, and i remember him saying "arigatou gozaimas!" in such a happy/humble way afterwards. =) and in the shoenen club xmas show 2005 that he was on and was Mr. X and sang White Christmas~~ (1 of my fav toma appearances ever!) ahhh, he was completely, super kawaii wasn't he!!! smilie well, i just watched the TFS-subbed longer version of that show recently (and the screencaps above R from there), and they read a fan letter to him. and the fan was saying how she really really is a big fan of toma's and she really wants him to be on the show, and it's a request truly from her heart. and toma's reaction was so happy/cute/humble!!! with the same reply, "arigatou gozaimas!" ~_~ if that is his reaction from getting just a fan letter, imagine how happy he'd be if he got a bunch of postcards/pics from his fans from all over the world!!! annual birthday meteor shower ESPECIALLY FOR TOMA??

i came across this info cuz i was looking for info on meteor showers. =) AWESOMENESS!!! so cool how it peaks around the time of toma's b-day! it's called the Draconids, but us toma fans can think of it as the Toma's Birthday meteor shower! next year, if u can, go out at night and see if u can see any meteors!! it's a great way to celebrate toma's birthday ne! and it's cool how this meteor shower is special in many ways, just like toma!! but i have trouble seeing the Draco constellation. i can see the little and big dippers fine, but can't really see Draco. well, it's in the middle of the 2 dippers, so just look towards them! here's a bigger pic to help u locate Draco:


October 7 or 8, 2008 Draconids

The radiant point of the Draconid meteor shower almost coincides with the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon, in the northern sky. That’s why it is best viewed from the northern hemisphere. This shower is a real oddity, in the respect that its radiant point is highest in the sky as darkness falls. The shower is definitely a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. But watch out if the dragon awakes! On occasion, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth hundreds – if not thousands – of meteors in a single hour. Since the moon is at first quarter this year during the shower’s peak, this hard-to-predict shower is worth checking out. Unlike most meteor showers, more meteors are likely to fly in the evening than the morning hours after midnight. Look northward for Draconid meteors on the evenings of October 7 or 8.

and at, they say the Draconids occur from early october to mid-october. usually peaking on 7-9 October. they're best seen in the northern hemisphere. they're usually slow, faint, and yellow in colour.

.................speaking of stars~
a toma fan wrote a really nice & touching message for him here

hopefully she doesn't mind me re-posting it here. i'm afraid if i only link it, u won't find it later when more new messages R posted there. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH HER!! like the stars, toma shines so much, so beautifully for us!!♥ and that feeling~ that wonderful feeling~ that i got soon after i discovered toma was exactly that...that somehow i like this world more... and it seems more beautiful... because toma exists and makes me realize... that there are/must be still a lot of beautiful/extraordinary people and beautiful/extraordinary things in this world, ne? ^_^ with that, this is her message describing toma:

Marie (Santiago de Chile, 11.18.2008)

Like the infinite stars in the sky ... continues to shine for us ... still giving us such warmth, hope, and talent that gives us the strength to smile and believe that the beautiful things of the world have not yet finished.

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