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about 2 of his old dramas / some updates on his new drama: VOICE

♥ toma-ism #76

It's all waiting for you
Like flowers in the spring
The world is open wide.
It's all there waiting for you
With the spirit that you bring
You will always be the one to shine!
(lyrics f/Jessica Sheely's In Good Time)

gomen, was gonna post yesterday but...

actually~ i don't feel like telling u why this time. haha.
but i def~initely was doing something impor~tant. hai~

so, cuz i was late, today's a rare double-post!! yeah~

i have to THANK TOMA, cuz i was watching/listening to a TFS translation of him on RECOMEN and he mentioned this series, in which he rejected a girl that wanted to kiss him and said something like "HOW DARE YOU, YOU UGLY PIECE OF BLAH!" LOL!!! xD so i got curious and searched 4 a place 2 watch. found out it's the short series where he looks SO COOL in his sunglasses and he's singing karaoke...i've only seen clips of it be4! was always really curious about this series cuz he looks so cute/cool in an arrogant/jerk-y kinda way.. haha.

then i found it here,,
they linked to where u can watch it: (Chinese subs)
u can also dload it if u have over 50 posts at the tomalicious forum & can access the dload section.

i watched the first ep. (only 5 in all), but i don't get it?? they're in a dark karaoke room the whole time...i'm guessing they're a band and discussing their next performance, but dunno why they start arguing...and my ability to read only ~20 chinese characters did not help me much! haha. oh well, i'm still so happy i can finally watch it!! can see toma singing, too!! yay~ toma is SO KAKKOII. ^_^ he's smoking again in this role, but he really does look so COOL with a cigarette!! o_0 in real life, though, i really hope he doesn't smoke much. =[ there's nothing cool about lung cancer & yellow teeth!

(kyaaaa!! love seeing him as a student again, & toma + loose black ties = kakkoiiiiii! credit: teacup, baidu)

....and the 2nd old toma drama! is Yesterday's Friends are Today's Enemies (Kinou Wa Tomo Kyou no Teki, 2004, NHK). he looks so much like takemoto in here, toma hasn't changed much in 4 yrs!! =P if i didn't look closely at the screencaps, i wouldn't be able to tell this was filmed a while back! it's fun to watch him acting as a rebellious/moody teenager. ^_^ and toma's voice back then...kawaiiii. also, haven't seen him in any drama where he actually spends time with his family.

go here 4 all the links (in the comments):
thanks to drmsr, who posted about it. and teacup79 , who first asked about it. thanks to yoursovest, who gave the links to watch short clips of it at youtube [also, credit: Rebeldeangel (]. u can watch it at t1cat1n's youtube page! very short, couple minutes clip each, though. also, thanks to adlizto for posting the translated 2 eng. version of the official website HERE!

THANK YOU, tomakochin [credit also: baidu], for the ep.s 1-3! i'm downloading now. =) hopefully toma appears a lot....[edit: no, toma barely appears! now i realize, the youtube clips, they've so nicely cut out only the toma parts so toma fans can watch him. yay!! i'll just watch those then. BUT 4 THOSE THAT STILL WANNA DLOAD THE FULL EP.S, just scroll down all the way on that page, the last comment has ep.s 4-6!]

......toma's new drama, VOICE, still doesn't have an official poster yet. but u can keep checking back at these sites to see when it's up:

toma's been talking about it. he says he's been reading medical books 4 research and he's getting along with the cast. =) yappari, he gets along with everyone so easily, he's so lovable & charming & hard-working~ ne! ahhhh~ any1 who gets to work w/him, the cast, the staff, directors, whoever, ARE SO LUCKY. ~_~ i wonder if there's ever any staff member that is actually his big fan....that would be a dream come true 4 her/him!!! ^_^ (once, there was a hacken fan that was 1 of the staff members working on his movie! he was so happy, though didn't have a chance to talk to him. but seeing him being so professional & how he's friendly with all on the set...& every1 else on the staff also liked him and hacken took pictures with everyone that asked him during the breaks...sugoi!!) but i hope toma doesn't have trouble remembering all the complicated medical jargon or have trouble with the fake bloody scenes, like the operations/autopsies...but I WILL have trouble watching if it's too bloody/gruesome! haha. it probably won't be, ne.

oh, also, go to, the Latest News for a new translation of a more detailed description of the drama. in a way, it reminds me of the harry potter trio! lol. the smart girl, the 2 guys, in school... this is a good idea 4 a drama, i've never seen forensics dramas where students are involved in the crime-solving...i don't'll make things more interesting, seeing all these murder investigations f/young students' point of view. it is a good point they're today's world, we often don't care much about some1 dying in dramas/real life....but it is a big deal, and we should care more!! i like dramas that can teach u something about life, as long as it's not too preachy. *_*

speaking of preachy~~
i don't wanna be a nag, but i nag cuz i care!!

X__X about RED an interview f/this year, toma said he drinks 2-3 a day!! i hope that was only while filming maou? and he was running so much!!! he'd get so dehydrated!! aiya!! (sigh!) smoking + eating meat/beef a lot + a lot of energy drinks + not enough rest/sleep = VERY UNHEALTHY TOMA-KUN!!! YOU'RE A MEDICAL STUDENT NOW, U SHOULD KNOW BETTER!! ;)

energy drinks can be very addictive! i can honestly say that i'm not addicted to anything except for toma! haha...ok, and music... and the internet... and certain sitcoms/shows that make me laugh. but that is IT. in case any of u here drink it a lot or know some1 who does, pls pass on this info!! thanks! everything in moderation...too much of anything can be bad for you, especially stuff with a lot of caffeine like red bull or coffee. but if it's just 1 a day, i think it's's got tons of sugar in it la. no good for you. x_x

from what i read...drinking more than 2 cans of red bull a day is no good
(too much caffeine = bad for yr heart, increases risk of stroke/ heart attack)
...drinking it while exercising is no good (it dehydrates you!)
....and mixing it with alcohol COULD KILL YOU.
for more info:
Is Red Bull bad for your health?
Safe Use of Energy Drinks

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