Tuesday, December 2, 2008

last comments about Maou's ending (only some *spoilers at the end*) / toma's feelings after Maou ended

toma-ism #71:


[this little butterfly~ a gift f/my brother f/a while back. but it makes me think of maou, so i have it on my desk all the time now. and it's white/see through, but when i put it in front of my optical mouse, the red LED makes it look red/pink. ii ne~~]

it's kate.

i'm typing this with gloves on,
it's that cold!


i was surprised!
today, checking the cluster maps here and at DT..., they were both updated and they've added a list of countries that my visitors come from!! sugoi! so many! u can check it out yourselves, just click on the map at the bottom. =)

i've finished uploading all the screencaps from the last episode.
yappari~ more caps than any other episode. and i cried even more the 2nd time around, re-watching the final episode, cuz i wanted 2 record some dialogue from it!! =(

aiya, i noticed some of the youtube maou MVs i linked to already got deleted! i have saved some of them, in .flv format, in case any of u wanna watch. i LOVE LOVE the "my world" mv. u can ask me, if i have it, i'll upload it 4 ya.

was so behind on reading tomagoto, and i finally caught up recently. toma wrote a lot of touching words about how he feels about maou coming to an end!! u should read them if u haven't already, there are no spoilers, he just talks about how it's almost finished, in general. remember, u can read translations of his blog at the tomalicious forum or the tomalicious fansite. but u gotta be registered at both places to access it. these entries are from mid-september. toma was saying that it was hard to film the final scenes but he did his best as naoto till the very end (when does he NOT try his best?? haha.)...and he hopes all the viewers liked Maou & will keep a part of it in their hearts. =) i know i will!! really, this drama was really great and so much more deep & sad than i expected....u could write so much...if u try analyzing all the symbolism & morality issues in this drama!! i love how it was like this...it really makes u think ne. anyway, it's much more complicated and heart-wrenching than i expected! definitely my favorite drama of 2008! and i love the music too. i still listen to it these days. arashi's Truth and the main instrumental themes. they really capture this Maou story and help make the drama unforgettable!

toma was also saying how he and ohno are relieved that they can talk to each other normally again after maou ended. =) they were so in character, they didn't really talk or spend much time together while filming... i'm glad toma & ohno could be in Maou together, they really made a great team. =)

if you're wondering what toma's been doing these days,
he's said in a recent entry that he's been watching DVDs, listening to CDs, and watching plays. as expected. ~_~ also, he said the year is almost over, but everyone take care and "let's do our best" until the very end of 2008!!

OK! we definitely will, toma-kun!! ^_^

that's all~ sorry~
maybe next time i can post something more interesting!

_____________________ some spoilers!!! (last thoughts on last episode)

i noticed some more things the 2nd time i watched the series finale!
and i thought i wouldn't cry as much or at all, but i ended up crying almost the ENTIRE episode. hai. i cried with naoto all the while. *sigh* i think it's one of those rare times that each time i watch it, i'll still cry! =(

but at least after all that~
naoto-kun, u don't have to hurt anymore.

so.... i just realized that kasai reaching for the gift was like hideo reaching for his harmonica, right? i know it's so obvious how they did that, but i didn't really notice the first time. haha. really...it's cool how they made everything so similar to what happened on that day 11 yrs ago.

AND! it was so nice/sad to see naoto holding the harmonica in the end, but now that i think of it, it's not just to show that naruse has forgiven naoto! it's also so that shiori could later read that harmonica! since naoto was the last person holding it (though he was already passed away, but i guess that doesn't matter), she would be able to see his memory of what happened on that day!! and see that he didn't really stab him on purpose and then tell every1 what really happened and be able to clear his name for him. wait...IF he wasn't holding it and she touched it, i guess she would still see what really happend. but then she wouldn't know that naoto's father forced him to cover up the truth...or would she be able to see that part??

anyway.....i love the ending!! it was so sad and i wish naoto didn't die, but after everything that happened, i guess it had to be that way. they had to die....it's poetic justice.


Anonymous said...

I also thought, when i saw the ending, that once Shiori read the afterimage of the harmonica, she would be able to see how Naoto ACCIDENTALLY stabbed Hideo! That was such a powerful ending!Instead of just ending it with Naruse leaning on Naoto's shoulder, that last bit was so dramatic when you see Shiori's expression after reading the harmonica's past. Poor Naoto!!!

kate`* said...

that was brilliant!! even though i had already forgotten that shiori does not know it was an accident...but then to have her finally know, so she and his police friends could know that he did not really try to stab hideo...i'm so happy they ended it like that!! the truth is revealed!

poor naoto! his whole life, lots of ppl thought he was a killer. only after his death will some of them know the truth.