Monday, November 24, 2008

toma = love / a toma wax figurine @Madame Tussauds??

[in shinjuku, tokyo! credit: i really like this LOVE sign. so simple, but very pretty & meaningful. some ppl have made spoofs of it though. haha. like a "HATE" sculpture. haha. no no, that's incorrect. everyone should realize the opposite of LOVE is INDIFFERENCE. but that'd be too long to make into a sculpture. =P it'd have to be


toma-ism #69:
what the world needs now
is love, sweet (Toma) love!

[lyrics from Jackie DeShannon's
What the World Needs Now Is Love]

(sorry 4 the delay in finishing this post!)

toma standing next to the LOVE sign above would be redundant (LOVE and LOVE next 2 each other) because TOMA = LOVE!! *__* i remember when i first became a fan last year, i'd see lots of fans using that phrase, "toma is love!". and i'd think that's a kinda funny thing 2 say, but then i soon found out that it's so true!! haha~ for me now, toma & love are always linked together.
toma is love and love is toma.

4 more info about this LOVE sign: )

speaking of sculptures, did u know there's a Statue of Liberty replica in tokyo?! u can see it in the link below. ehhh? sugoi! tokyo's got so much cool stuff...such a cool & beautiful city!! i wanted 2 go there since be4 i knew about toma, now it's really my ultimate dream trip! ~_~

well, thinking of the LOVE sculpture made me think of how it'd be awesome if toma had a statue in tokyo! hahaha. but then i thought of how it'd be even better if toma had a wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong!! Madame Tussauds have locations around the world and they have a lot of famous ppl's wax figures. most look A LOT like them!! but in the HK Madame Tussauds, of course they have a lot of asian stars too, not just white international stars. most of them are chinese celebrities, but i know ayumi hamasaki and some other japanese ppl are in there. if only toma could be REALLY POPULAR and get his own wax figure there!! then any fan can "meet" toma and take a picture with him if they can go to HK!!! xD

and they don't have any specific restrictions of what u can do with the figure! but really, all i want is a HUG and maybe kiss him on the cheek.
but really, u can imagine the more passionate/crazy fans could do all kinds of crazy stuff w/their idol!!
seriously, i remember reading about how andy lau's (their 1st silicon figure, w/an actual beating heart inside!!
) figure is 1 of the most sexually harassed there! here's some funny comments about it (NOTE: they made a mistake, it should be Silicon Andy!): "As reported by (via Yahoo! Hong Kong), Andy Lau has been sexually harassed for years. The perpetrators: tourists who visit Hong Kong to feel up his fake body at Madame Tussaud’s House of Embalmed Corpses, er, Wax Museum. Apparently, visitors have been getting a mite too close to the Infernal Affairs-themed Andy doll in order to touch, nibble, or finger various parts of his fake body. There have also been reports of visitors unzipping his pants, or even reaching into them - hopefully because they’re professionals paid to check out the quality of the wax. Regardless of these individuals’ skills at wax Q.C., workers at the museum state that they have to check the statue at the end of each day to see if Wax Andy is still in one piece. Physically, that is. Psychologically, there may be no hope for Wax Andy, or for real Andy once he gets a load of his wax twin’s adventures." (credit: ; go there 2 check out some pics of the fake andy!)

0_o wow~

actually, it's better that toma not have a wax figure there. fans would probably damage fake toma really badly, very quickly! i don't even wanna think about what they'd do to him!!!
we'll just have 2 be happy with seeing toma in our dreams or just photoshopping ourselves next 2 him on the computer. =) yappari~ i've got some! and in 1 we're so close it's almost as if he's hugging me~~
smilieawwwww~ smilie (actually almost-hugging hagu-chan!)

oh, u can check out some pics/info of the wax figures at at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong below:
[close-up of fake aaron kwok's face!! really looks a lot like him!!]
[madonna, prez bush!, ayumi hamasaki, HITLER!, michael jackson, angelina jolie, tiger woods, etc., etc.]


ultraviolet_p1 said...

The Statue Of Liberty replica in Japan - a photo spot of course, when I was there. There were a few girls trying to take pics of it from afar, with their hands seems like you were holding it etc. It kinda looked cool, if you get it right.

I rewatched Nobuta Produce few months back, and saw they filmed a scene it was touch of reality meets JTV. Of course - I was regretful, I couldn't take a picture of a train station Nakatsu as a

I think it would be more hopeful to wish for Toma wax figure in Japan (if they ever have one). I think they would reserved more of the HK stars for the HK ones, plus the international biggies. But as you said, I don't know if it would be wise to have true to life wax figures of the JE boys - it wouldn't be really safe for the wax figures at all...hahaha

savvy kate said...

hi ultraviolet!
haha, really? ah, i wanna go take a pic there if i'm ever in tokyo! & at the Nakatsu train station!! & of course, i'd love 2 see the real thing in NYC, too!

that's right...maybe japan will have one some day. definitely!! unless they have guards at each statue to make sure fans don't do anything crazy! =D