Friday, November 28, 2008

it's getting cold (toma + winter clothes!<3)/ more toma video clips/ new fan map members/

~~ toma-ism #70:

kate des.
genki? (how R u?)

genki desu. (i'm fine.)

happy belated thanksgiving 2 everyone in the usa!
i'm thankful that toma exists in this world and for all the wonderful toma fans that come here, & all who leave nice comments 4 me. =) arigatou.

ah, i read this the other day. jay chou said in an interview that any girl that likes his music is his girlfriend. lol!!! i know he's kidding, but still, what a sweet thing to say!!! ah~ if only toma would say something like that ne! smilie

i've noticed the weather has turned cold in tokyo. only around 50-something degrees F (or 15 degrees C) each day, and sometimes rainy, too. ma, it rains so much in tokyo! since its quite cold there, its appropriate that toma appear in some warm winter clothes in a recent magazine article ne! sugeh!! winter is kinda my fav season, and toma looks so good in layers of soft clothes like this!! ah, but ever since maou, toma rarely smiles in his photos. he is still so cute, but i miss his happy, smiling face!!! =/ anyway, thanks to meoinkie2 4 posting them at the AF toma thread & credit goes to some1 at LJ.

i totally forgot about posting this up! gomen!
ToYu gave me 2 links to watch the video where toma goes back to his high school and shows the reporter around. =) BUT ToYu said that the one is missing around 40 seconds!
though i didn't understand most of what they were saying, it's fun to watch toma back at his high school and giving a small tour of it!

u can watch it at either of these links:

also, here's some more places to go watch old toma video clips @youtube. before, i think i said kinakina4's youtube page. there's also a kinakina2 page! and boxATdeep has some recent and old video clips. if u speak cantonese, mcsquarecat has a bunch of hana kimi episodes dubbed in canto!

.............i also forgot to check if there are new members at the toma fan map for a long time. sorry! well, we have a few new members! =)


nurhidayahhanis [Malaysia], haars_fra, ?, ?, shule_way [:) tokyo, japan]

***SUMIMASEN, SHULE WAY, I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE TOMA PIC WHERE IT HAD YR NAME & COUNTRY ON IT! cuz there were duplicates. i went ahead and uploaded that toma pic and entered in your info again. though the photo has "kate" as the uploader, but scrolling over it, u'll see yr name & message! also, I GOT U THE GREEN DOT ON THE MAP! aren't u happy, u're the only green dot on the map and your dot really stands out the most!! haha...hopefully u will get this message! and hopefully i wrote yr name correctly. i think i remembered correctly...***

pls go here 2 see new members' pics and messages to toma (just point 2 their pic and u should see their message pop up, if they wrote one.)

[i'm sorry if u don't show up on the map, i HATE this problem that Frappr has been having for a long time now!!]

this is it 4 this post.
have a good weekend, everyone-chan! =)



i read that energy drinks can be bad for your heart if u drink them a lot!
i hope toma doesn't drink them regularly anymore after done filming Maou...cuz he said he drinks them everyday while he was filming then. here's the article. READ THE COMMENTS 4 MORE INFO!!

omg!!! i almost thought that toma sent me something just now, when my brother took in the mail & said there's some~thing for kate!! ah, but it was just a friend that sent me a postcard. (thanks, minna!
) but for a second there!!! i real~ly thought!!! haha......though there's very little chance, i still sometimes think i might find a small envelope from japan in the mailbox for me~~ baka! -__-

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