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3 songs i really like! / why sammul chan reminds me of toma...

smilietoma-ism #67:
he's really~! very~!
incredibly~! unbelievably~!
insanely~! amazingly~ CUTE & LOVABLE!!! ♥

[i just made this .gif today. screencaps of the opening of Genkidan Engimono, a tv show/play toma was in with his buddy Shunsuke Kazama (Page f/Akihabara@Deep!) from 2006. LOL! i always love seeing toma's cute/funny faces! though the show was sad/serious,about toma befriending a girl ghost...just watched some parts of it the other day at either kinakina2 or kinakina4's youtube page.]

savvykate des.

it seems like i haven't posted in a long time,
but it's only since monday, not friday!
(but cuz i started that post since friday, that's the date they used)

oh, i wanna recommend 3 songs that i really like and am listening to over and over these days! ASH LIKE SNOW by THE BRILLIANT GREEN (love this name!! sugeh!!), DARKNESS EYES by DBSK, and MY WORLD by the SICK PUPPIES. they're really AWESOME songs!! u can listen to them and see the translated lyrics by going 2 the links below. thanks to my myspace friend, kevin, i discovered the Ash Like Snow song. =) and Darkness Eyes & My World were used in 2 of the Maou MVs. i love how the lyrics of both songs describe naoto's feelings/chaotic situation so perfectly!!


today's post is not about toma, but about a guy that reminds me of toma, SAMMUL CHAN (darn, couldn't find any good recent pics of him!). but hey, there are some great MVs that i've linked to below!! even if u don't like him, you'll still like the MVs, they R pretty good! and FIONA's (u know, fi, 1 of my fav hk singers & 1 of the girls i think would be cool if she was toma's girlf!) is in the 1st one!! she's so cute even in that boyish, really short haircut! =P

u know in the past, i've talked about some hong kong actors/singers that i think look like toma. well, this time this guy reminds me of him cuz of his personality/boyish look/gestures. he often has these effeminate gestures & he pouts a lot, too. haha. he's also good-looking, but in a kinda feminine way. and toma and sammul have got some other things in common. sammul's an actor, mainly, but he's a good singer too. he used to do a lot of hosting work for some entertainment/traveling shows. he's also a straight-forward guy. he's a pretty good actor, but never got very popular. partly cuz of the tough competition and probably partly cuz his roles are limited cuz of his baby face.

and because of some of the reasons above and he doesn't have a girlfriend, there have been a lot of rumors that he's gay. in HK, ppl are still not that open-minded about gay people. except for leslie cheung, i can't think of any HK celebrity that was famous and loved & respected by many, who was gay or even might be gay (ok, and maybe aaron kwok). and almost every time (and there's been very few times any main characters are gay) there's a gay couple in a tvb series, they have been portrayed in a negative way and/or they totally stereotype them. sammul has always been upset/angry about this kinda news and denied all the rumors (which R based on nothing, really! they always exagerrate, never had any real proof.), but the media won't stop. once in a while, they'll bring up this topic again. they even linked him with Ron Ng, a guy that's worked with him in several dramas, too! and below, u can see an MV some1 made where the 2 of them seems like a couple. haha. but it's a sweet MV ne! xD luckily toma doesn't have the same problem sammul has (negative press about him cuz they think he's gay)! it's almost the complete opposite, right? haha. if sammul was born in japan (or even taiwan, i think, anywhere where they appreciate pretty boys/bishies), he wouldn't have this problem.

anyway...sammul's a pretty good actor and he seems like a good guy in general...hopefully he'll get more successful and the tabloids will stop making up stuff about him. i've been watching the tvb drama, The Four, lately, and sammul's great in there. he's the witty/show-off guy that makes u laugh. =)

[fiona & sammul The Academy MV, really sweet MV about their love story while in the police training academy, 2005 ]
[sammul & charmaine Maiden's Vow MV, modern/ancient times, *A LOT OF CUTE SAMMUL SCENES!*, 2007]
[sammul & myolie's sad Survivor's Law MV. about their breakup cuz she likes another guy...see him when he's sad/gets mad!, 2003]
[sammul & ron's friendship/guy love =P (from Guts of Man/On the First Beat)! modern/ancient times, 2005/2007]
[MV for a song sammul sang about mothers' love for their children f/a christian movie, 2005]

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p.s. i used to have a crush on sammul. (:

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