Tuesday, November 11, 2008

REQUIEM~ / updated LINKS & TOMA 101/ old toma video clips

msn broken heart emoticontoma-ism #65:
a mad sexy cool guy with
a certain shade of cool.
[slightly altered lyrics f/Babyface's Mad Sexy Cool]

i finally finished the last episode of maou yesterday.
it was very sad, intense, emotional, shocking, and completely brilliant!!
i'm very sad it's really over and i did cry (and i rarely do when watching movies/dramas!), but i'm really proud of toma, especially in this final episode. he was just amazing. amazingly brilliant. i wish he had won for best male actor in a summer drama!! arrggh!!

anyway, i'll talk about it more later, i need 2 finish putting together the screencaps & uploading and gather my thoughts.....i'll tell u, though, each time that i listen to Grace now, or the other music from the maou soundtrack, it just breaks my heart all over again!! i just feel so sorry for naoto and everything he went through. but it's amazing, how they also make u feel sorry for naruse at the same time!! nothing's clear-cut and neatly divided up into GOOD guys and BAD guys, everyone's got flaws and have done something wrong. but that's one of the reasons this drama is so great!... i'm really gonna miss this Maou world....

today is an important/sad day for several reasons. it's the anniversary of the end of WWI. and in the usa, it's VETERAN'S DAY. THANK YOU, all the veterans, both living or passed away, for your bravery and sacrifices! also, today, 4 years ago, a friend of mine from school died too young. steven, i miss you and i'll never forget you... and today i'm also thinking of all the characters that died in maou. i dedicate the song Requiem (from the Maou soundtrack) to everyone above!
Rest in peace. thank you for everything. we'll never forget you.


i finally took some time to update the LINKS section on the right and updated this post:

cuz i know there are still new toma fans coming here looking for toma info, pics, etc....i hope these updates will help those toma fans catch up on everything toma-related. =)


i was looking 4 video clips 2 show my sis and found these.
i've already watched the 2nd and 3rd since last year, but they're just some of the cutest toma singing clips, i'll re-post it here in case some of u haven't seen it!

[cute children's songs medley! i love his dancing here!! so light and relaxed!]

[6 months of u & me. super cute song, super cute toma!!]

[6 months of u & me, again. but with a bunch of juniors, and toma is even MORE cute here!! i love how he interacts w/the little boys. ah, he's a boy himself ne!! *THIS IS THE WHOLE CLIP.* I ONLY SAW THE UNFINISHED CLIP BEFORE. I LOVE HIS POSE AT THE END!! of course, it's his airplane-like pose. hahaha.]

also, aatmaatm's youtube page has the behind-the-scenes video clips from the end of each honey & clover episode! if u haven't watched H&C, u should at least watch these short, fun clips at the end of the episodes, u get to see toma messing around and having fun with his 4 co-stars! =P i'm not linking it cuz 1 of the video clips already got deleted. but u can search using the username aatmaatm. and it's in the hachikuro playlist on her/his youtube page!

and these last two R just interesting/kinda cool stuff. the visitjapan page has lots of nice video clips of japan scenary and stuff to promote tourism. and the last link, just read it today. it's an explanation of why we all dream each night. cool!



that's all for today.



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