Friday, November 7, 2008

new banners & music!!

i hope u like 'em & the music, too! ~_~
i was getting bored of the old banners & song laa.

amazingly, both pics R from FINLAND!!
(the banner on top is actually of a morning on a university campus, not an evening! maybe it's not important to u, but i wanna point it out, cuz mornings to me are more hopeful than evenings...)
i was just searching for random autumn pics @Flickr, i truly didn't know both pics were from finland till i checked out their profiles!! what a huge coincidence ne!! i guess finland's just very pretty in the fall, so that's why... i wonder if any of u here R from finland? and also, it's funny that i just watched a rerun of Seinfeld recently where there was a depressed author from finland and they even talked about whether there are big or small coincidences or JUST coincidences. hahaha!

i'll be back later or tomorrow to update!!
just an update on toma's Grease musical.......

see u later!


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