Saturday, November 8, 2008

some Grease updates

smilie toma-ism #64:
Don't be surprised if I love you,
for all that you are.
I couldn't help it,
it's all your fault.
(alanis morissette's Head over feet lyrics)

the poll has ended. thanks to the 14 ppl that voted! i voted too. haha. i was just wondering how big my regular "audience" is. so~ at least 10 ppl come here each week. that's good. i won't feel bad if i don't update that often cuz i'm not disappointing a lot of ppl, just 10 or so of you people! hahaha~ no no, i'm kidding. no matter how many ppl come here, i'll still try to post as often as possible for those of u that do come....and cuz the more often i do, the better ranking my blog will get in search engines...probably. =) so most of the hits here...i think most ppl that come here find their way here after a google search and don't come back? hmmm... to those people: please do come back sometimes! thanks.

[grease poster credit: nyonyo,]

i was googling for Grease updates, and yamapink's blog has got a bunch of posts about it, u should go there and check out all the pics and links. =) of course, later once i've caught up, i'll post any more Grease-related stuff i see, which i'm sure there's a lot of, from the toma LJ and other places i haven't been to lately.

wait, just found this! some cute toma pics in the play's pamphlet!!

baka! why didn't i think of this sooner! of course, there's a bunch of GREASE news at the tomalicious site's NEWS section here, and a lot of it is similar to what's posted at yampink's blog...

so, they're done with the tokyo shows now. just have some more performances in osaka mid-november, then toma can finally get some rest! =)

u know, it's weird, toma's female co-stars are often younger than him, but somehow a lot of them look more mature & older than him! like this time, he's paired up with Kanda Sayaka (22 yrs old, that's her next 2 him above). she looks more like an older sister than his girlfriend! she's the daughter of the actress that was the principal of the ikemen's high school in hana kimi!! she looks exactly like her, which makes it weirder for me to see them paired up! haha. i keep thinking "it's nakatsu and the principal!" when i see them together! lol. i wish he was paired up with the 2nd female lead, fujimoto miki instead. she's prettier. haha. here's a pic of her below!
here's some news about Grease from the end of october. some clips from the musical of toma singing & dancing! ma, some of it looks cool, but most of it is probably quite...well...u know how Grease was. haha. though it must be one of the most popular musicals of all time, it certainly is also one of the corniest/lamest, right? haha. but i'm happy for the play's success!! anything toma's in is often so popular these days!! ~_~ i just don't like toma's slick, high hair, too much makeup and those costumes, but oh well...
& yamapink said during the interview, toma was saying sorry to her mom cuz he had to kiss her in this play. =P he's always apologizing about something ne! no need toma, it's just part of your job!! haha~

also, kinakina4's youtube page always has a lot of the latest toma video clips! the newest videos there R news about Grease. BUT PLEASE DON'T LINK TO HER VIDEOS, it might make youtube delete the videos or suspend her account. just go to youtube and search for kinakina4 and u can find her page.


salome said...

i visit yamapink's blog regularly too. she's been a long time Toma fan. & 2 weeks ago, i have been watching kinakina4's videos. she has a lot of Toma clips, including those of his younger days. last weekend, i watched "Johnnys Sports Event 2003" in YouTube.

have you noticed how muscular Toma has become lately? it's not obvious because of the way he clothes himself, but you can sometimes see his defined chest.

salome said...

oh, i found this quotation which i think fits Toma perfectly:

"The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper." -- Aristotle

savvy kate said...

hi salome!

i really envy those like yamapink who have been toma's fan 4 a long time!! yes yes, i've watched some of kinakina4's videos since last year, too. but too many, i haven't seen it all. i think i've seen that 1 though...was it a soccer or gymnastics clip f/2003?

yes, of course! i've noticed since i started watching maou that his arms are more bigger, more muscular, cuz he's always got his sleeves rolled up. also, he got more tan. um...though he wore tank tops a lot in there, i didn't notice his chest. but i'm sure 4 that role, he got worked out a lot more and looks a lot stronger & healthy now. but i actually don't like him looking too manly & strong, it makes him look older & more intimidating to me.

that's a great quote that really fits toma!! i also sometimes come across quotes/songs that describe him perfectly! =D

oh, salome, remember u said he was in an underwear ad? could u send me the link to see it or email it to me?? thanks!

salome said...

uh, sorry i can't give you the link 'cause i kinda stole that photo. i just copied it from the site from where i saw it without asking permission or even saying thank you. (back then, i didn't know the protocol.)

i'll try to email you the photo as soon as i can.

savvy kate said...

haha. i see...

got it! thanks salome.