Sunday, November 4, 2007

pre-order the Hanazakari No Kimitachi E - Ikemen Paradise DVD Box!

u can now pre-order it at yesasia!!

but it's not released till jan and feb 2008!!!!!!!

costs so much,
and can't watch it on a usa dvd player,
this version, and no eng. subtitles. =/

maybe i'll wait till they have the usa version in the future
and then buy....when the price is cheaper, too. haha.
Hanazakari No Kimitachi E - Ikemen Paradise DVD Box (Part.1) (Japan Drama) (DVD) (Japan Version)
Hanazakari No Kimitachi E - Ikemen Paradise DVD Box (Part.2) (Japan Drama) (DVD) (Japan Version)


Anonymous said...

hi there,
ur blog is damn a big fan of ikuta toma too.i jst curious,why nakatsu not in the hanazakari no kimitachi e poster(bunch of guys with the uniform) and cant find any of his pictures in the official website of this drama.
i really love the drama,i just knew it coz a fren of mine asked me to watch.i really lyke them.esp

kate said...

HI!! thanks for your compliment!! i'm really happy u like this blog!! ~_~

oh, it's cuz toma is part of Johnny's Entertainment, and they restrict the use of pics of their artists at certain websites/'s weird. they're very strict about it.

that's why toma's pic is missing from those places u talked about. he IS in the pic for the soundtrack, though. u can see it here:


Jeany-chan said...

hello again. this is Jean.

hahahaha!!! indeed, hana kimi is really sugoi!

btw hun, did u hear already about Toma playing the lead role for Honey & Clover drama to be released on January 2008?

waah! how nice, we can see Toma again!

savvy kate said...

jean, i posted a message at the AF thread about toma, hopefully u saw it? forgot 2 respond 2 your comment here, too! sorry!