Saturday, November 10, 2007

(UPDATES COMING SOON, pls check back!)

made this 2 use 4 my signature at AF, but i forgot that it's too big!! had 2 cut the 2nd pic. =/


Akiro-chan said...

hello there!

cool blog! and full of toma pix! love it!

by the way, care for a link ex???? :D

feel free to visit my blog too...:D


savvy kate said...

hi akiro-chan!

thank u, thank u! i'm always HAPPY 2 hear ppl like this blog!! ~_~

exchange links?

um, i guess i can link u in another links section, but i'll have 2 make it now. cuz the LINKS section i have now is just 2 link 2 toma sites.

which blog of yours do u want me 2 link to? =) let me know!
of course, i'd love it if u could link 2 this blog!!

Akiro-chan said...

welcome! it's really cool! :D


here's my blog address...

savvy kate said...

akiro-chan, i've linked 2 your blog!
pls link 2 mine too! thanks!

Akiro-chan said...


wow! thanks for linking me!

i already linked you... :D