Saturday, November 17, 2007

pls VOTE 4 Toma for the 'Most Popular Young Actor of 2007' poll!

thanks to Maryvel 4 reminding fans 2 vote 4 him
at the video description of her great MV (below)!!!
and thanks to Mika &
night_child for the instructions of how 2 vote!
he's still in 3rd place. =/

'Most Popular Young Actor of 2007' poll

Toma (生田斗真) is currently 3rd in the ranking (1185 votes) for 'Most Popular Young Actor of 2007'. [as of
Tue Nov 06, 2007]


1. Make your selection (only one per IP address).
2. Scroll down and click the button on the left.
3. In the next page you have to give some information:
4. 性別 -> If you're a girl, choose the third option.
If you don't want to give that information, press the first one
5. 年齢 -> Specify your age
6. コメント -> A little comment why you choose the actor (you can leave this empty, not that you would want to.)
7. Click the left button below and voila! Finished!

There isn't a closing date for this poll that I can find, so keep voting!

from night_child @ LJ


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