Friday, May 7, 2010

toma UPDATES: rumors, msgs, MISS interview. & fans' AnAn comments & a website about XES!!! (read it backward)!!

hi hi, everyone!!

kate desu.

before i forget, happy early mother's day!! ~_~
yey, for all the moms of the world!! moms rule!! hahaha.

sorry 4 these super long posts once a week, instead of updating little by little...i'd just rather squeeze in a bunch of stuff into 1 post. lol.

GOOD NEWS!! dunno if it's true or not, but seems like there was (another) fan sighting in kyoto. i used babelfish to translate, so dunno if this is right, but seems like some1 said she went to kyoto to visit her grandma and toma's filming a drama SP right in front of her house!! it's a drama SP for Fuji TV, and it will be released in autumn, it's based on a Seicho Matsumoto novel. they used her grandma's house for filming some scenes!! (GAH!!! SHE'S SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY!!! *_*) she asked toma for an autograph, but he responded courteously that it's against company rules. toma is so kakkoii and will become a big star. (something about shaking toma's hand and his hand was cold??) but toma has a very pleasant smile (something like he's so hot?) this was from may 4, and they were gonna be there 3 days. this remake takes place in 1964. (thanks to zoe for this info! ^-^)

.............some interesting things toma talked about in his recent Toma's Room entries: (credit: inseiko@tomalicious)
(now u can read toma's msgs at !!!)

-he's surprised it's already May! he went out with around 10 of his friends (i bet yamashita and shun were there!). it's the most exciting thing he's done in his private time.

-though it was Golden Week this week, toma didn't get time off (for several yrs now). but he says don't worry about him, just enjoy the holiday on his behalf. and then he ended with "That's heavy!!!" haha.

[Golden Week (or GW, as toma and others in japan call it) is special cuz of the 3 consecutive holidays (constitution day, greenery day, and children's day) that start on monday. so counting sat. and sun. be4 that, people get 5 straight days off. too bad toma's working again for golden week.]

-comfortable warm weather feels good. reminds everyone...shiku-yoro, buy the seaside motel pre-sale tickets. "it's a very silly, fun movie. so please!"

-he likes listening to seiko-chan's (matsuda?) songs. though he should call her seiko-san, but he likes calling her seiko-chan. "ehh." also, momoe-chan's (Yamaguchi Momoe) songs. they help motivate him to work harder. and he wants to "set off on a journey on a good day" (lyrics from a momoe song). ~_~

..............toma's pics *____*

LOVE LOVE HIS june MISS PICS!!! toma's clothes are nice and cozy looking (he looks so huggable!!) and i love all his poses and expressions. and sleeping toma is LOVE~ AND OF COURSE, HIS CS PICS...AWESOMENESS!! SO BEAUTIFUL AND HOT, TOMA...I DUNNO WHAT ELSE TO SAY...I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY COPY. ~_~ GAH!

[MISS pics credit: **SOME MORE NEW TOMA PICS FROM ANOTHER MAGAZINE THERE or at mizza's blog!** Cinema Square pics credit: other pics f/the cinema square. yusuke and shun and eita in that issue!! YEY!!! thought it'd be like +act, where toma's the only 1 i recognize.]

.................the MISS interview:
[MISS June 2010 interview translation] (wow!! love this interview & love the pics that went with it. toma talked about work and how he loves acting, but he's also still insecure...also about LOVE! this is what i thought all along, that he's 100% focused on work now....but then when he shyly admitted he's got "love in his life" these past years in that tv interview at the start of this yr, and now these rumors with satomi??? i don't know what to think anymore....hmm. well, even though he's been insanely busy, i guess it's still possible for him to secretly have a girlf, right? and i would be happy knowing he had someone to confide in, care about and love him during last year, he worked so hard and it must have felt lonely at times....but i hope it's not satomi!! please NO!!! (>_<)

................THE RUMOR:

i think most of u know....there's a rumor that toma and satomi have been dating since they filmed ningen together last summer??? masaka!! (>_<) but it seems like the rumor is based on nothing...just some person saying they are dating? that's it??? no pics of them together or fans seeing them together and toma and her did not seem to get along especially well during Voice or anything....though that one scene where he was stopping her from fighting with the other guy in the cafeteria...toma held her around the waist, and i remember getting jealous when he did that. argggh!!! why can't it be a toma + gakky rumor? i think gakky's a really cute and sweet girl. i would be able to accept it if i was her. i'd still be heartbroken, but....

damn it, i take back all the nice things i said about her in this post from last summer (about the announcement that she's his wife in ningen)!! haha. well....she is a pretty good actress, but she and toma don't really match, actually! i dunno....she just doesn't seem like the kinda gentle girl toma would like, and she's not pretty enough for him!! lol. it always bothers me that her lips are so big and she smiles kinda crooked, to one side. and she kinda overacts. and her forehead is kinda too big. ok, ok, i'll stop. hahaha.

but. i will not believe it unless i see pics of them clearly being intimate in public or one of them announces that it's true. i figure it's just cuz toma's getting popular...the romance (and other)rumors will certainly increase!! these ppl love making up stuff about famous ppl to sell magazines, you know.

...........some tomapi links:
[oh wow, did not die, it just got reborn as this awesome site!! toma's and yamapi's jweb posts and pics and other stuff!! SUGOI!! i'm really happy, just saw the link under the MISS interview translation just now!]
[A TOMAPI PIMP POST!] (tomapi pics and them talking about their love...haha.)

..................some more AnAn craziness!!

(btw...these days i'm like...drooling over his back shot, that beautiful arching back and part of his butt showing...the way he's pulling down his underwear teasingly....omg!!! lower toma!! seriously...i still find it hard to breathe when i look at his pics in the anan magazine sometimes.)

btw, i think it's cool that toma (not the other guys who did anan photo shoots be4) got 2 necklaces to wear for his shoot. i love how the maybe like the key to his heart? and the thin, tiny necklace makes him seem a little more vulnerable and fragile, it complements his masculinity/sexiness nicely ne.

i wanted to read more girls' comments about his anan pics. these are my favs/the funniest/most extreme that i found from tumblr and facebook and other places. xD

-with this, my life is complete
-his hotness makes my brain cells evaporate.
-muero, muero, muero, muero
-Who needs a sex manual for that? Jaysus, I think it’s pretty self explanatory the things I would do to him.
-sgfhsgfsg omfg get in my pants
-literally the hottest guy i've ever seen!!!
-o.m.g he is too hot for words
-*wipes drool*
-dreamy eyes...
-OH my.....
-GOSH! breathe! breathe! *gasping for air* ASLKJFLASDJFLKJDF!!! SO FFFFF HOOOOTTT!
-OHMEGOWDTHAT'SSOFREAKINGHOT. O//////////////////////////////////O
-awww yeah..... :D

................ all about s.e.x

remember how toma's anan magazine said THE COMPLETE SEX MANUAL on the cover? i dunno what info is in there, but i doubt that it's complete. haha. but looking at toma's pictures, don't you just start thinking about it? and i mean, it says SEX right next to him on the cover! i couldn't get it off my mind and i was curious about certain things...i found this very simple, useful, cool website with tons of info, answers to certain questions. and they're not patronizing or judgemental about it. it's mostly for young adults with questions about sex, but a lot of good info/advice about love and relationships and sexual politics, etc, too.

i think it's really cool...cuz it's a place where you can get this important information anonymously...and it's important to get the correct information, right, about sex (sexually transmitted diseases, for instance...). Heather Corinna ("She was one of the pioneers of positive human sexuality on the Internet."), who started this awesome website also wrote a book! now THAT is what i would call THE COMPLETE SEX MANUAL! lol. but it's more informative and useful advice than sexy, if you know what i mean...but i wanna buy this book. xD

(dunno why they call it 'scarleteen'?? EDIT: oh, cuz her 1st site was called Scarlett Letters. and this site is for mostly teenagers, so.....i get it now!)

P.S. not related to toma, but some things that made me happy today.
Big Time Rush's Halfway There MV. these guys are cute (especially kendall! he's only 19.). i know they're like a typical boy band, but sometimes i just love corny, catchy pop songs like this. i can't help smiling when i watch this MV too. haha. and they've got a tv show on nickelodeon that is just crazy hyper and silly. lol. i'm too old 4 this stuff, but oh well. haha!
jamie's (she lives in tokyo) flower-filled pics, smiles and PINK all over post!!! ah, kirei!! it really brightened my day!! yey for pretty flower fields like this!! and she looks so very happy. i think happiness is contagious right? haha.


Anonymous said...

hi kate :)

wow so many stuffs to read but just no time and lazy to read them all ... thx for the updates! really lagging behind!

u mean Satomi from the Voice ... eh, no offence but her acting sucks in that drama (and i'm not jealous or anything lol). well, if this rumor's true, then we just have to accept it hmmm ...
it's possible he has some secret love life we dunno about ... whatever it is, u need to accept it Kate-chan xD xD


Anonymous said...

haha about that rumor: apparently saomit does not want to be seen next to toma on a date or next to any je boy xD So she turned down an invitation from tomapi xD
LOL! Just rumors though xDDDDDD

No wonder tooma is not as genki as usual Ö__Ö

Mashi Toma said...

hye- kate ^^ thnx for the yamatomapi link >_< finally i could read his news.. his diary ;p thank you so much for sharing dis! ^^

kate♥toma said...

hey anjerin,
u're welcome. ~_~
yes, her. haha. i thought she overacted quite a bit, but not sure if it was cuz her annoying character required it. i really don't think he's with her!!

well, part of me has always thought that toma's secret love is yamashita. haha. and i'm actually fine with that, they're like...soulmates. though i don't like yamashita much, but toma really loves him so much. <3

hey careline,
haha...i hate rumors though...arggh. upsets me even though i'm pretty sure it's untrue. he isn't? he seems fine f/his entries at least...working hard, but happy it seems.

hey mashi,
no problem! i'm so hyper that hanbun is back too!! love that tomapi fansite!!

Anonymous said...

yup.. I'm hyper too lol.. really mish that site lol.. cz i need it ;p glad to see it again ^^ -mashi

kate♥toma said...

helen is surprised so many ppl know about hanbun. haha...ah, i like her new boys love (r they supposed to be tomapi??) banners at the top!! cute/sexyyyyy! <3 i am SO into boys love right now. lol....well, tomapi sexy fics....

Marie-chan said...

HELLOOOOOOOOO KATE-CHAN!!! GENKI??? It's been a while since I've visited your blogger! Gomen ne. I've been busy :[
But now that I'm back, I see that you've posted quite a lot of information and gossip about Toma~~~! It's good to see that he's still happy about work :]

Ehhh... I like Ishihara Satomi! I commend her acting skills, but you're right, I wouldn't want her to be with Toma. I don't think that she isn't pretty enough for him, but that's because I think she's pretty. In my opinion, I think they're both on different levels. In some of her clips on youtube she seems pretty down to earth so I think that's why I like her so much. She seems grounded :]

Anyway~ keep up the good work!
Mata ne~!


kate♥toma said...

hey marie-chan!!

i'm glad u're back. ~_~
yeah, toma's doing fine.
still very busy, though not sure with what.

really? hmm....well, it's nice to hear a positive opinion of her for a change. haha. well...i likED satomi. but even if the rumors are not true, i just can't like her like before, and i never liked her much. haha.

thanks for the support!
i will!!! gambarimas!

salome said...

hmm, i think if Toma's to have a gf, i'd like it to be Manami (is that name correct? i mean his leading lady in Majo Saiban.)

and you know that i also think that his (not-so) secret love is Yamashita. i say not-so-secret because i think the whole of Japan is aware of it but is just not directly acknowledging it. i sense it among the JE boys & from interviewers when they ask the boys about each other.

kate☂ said...

hi, salome-chan!

yes, it's higa manami i think. well, at least she's prettier than satomi. haha.

yes, i know you think they're definitely more than're totally right, seems like everyone knows they're a couple, but just that they have never admitted it (well...they've come really close but...not quite.)

but a part of me still thinks...maybe they are just friends??? or maybe they WERE together, but not anymore. and toma is bi, at least? LOL. so that us fangirls still have a chance. hahahahahahaha.