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toma's in a summer drama and an autumn drama SP!!! some other news/things. my 4th fanfic!!! xD

hey everyone!
kate desu.

do you know what today is?

it's may 21 (oh, i'm late. it's may 22 now. xD). which means it's may 22 (ooh, it's still may 22. ^^) in japan. of course, you know that in my first fanfic, i wrote about us/me meeting toma on december 22!!

so i'm happy to announce today, that.....

i'm almost done writing my 4TH FANFIC!!!! ^O^

YES! i've been writing a little almost everyday, since april 22! (yes, mizza-chan, this is the secret i was talking about. haha. i hope you're not disappointed that it isn't something more exciting. xD)

this time, it's a lot different from my other was supposed to be a short one-shot, but then it kept getting longer. haha. i am incapable of writing short stories!! xD

i think there should be 5 parts in all, and i've posted up 2 parts now...and they're not all equally divided up. lol. i think i'll finish it in a few days...and just keep checking the end of Part 2 for the next part, ok? ~_~

ja, click on the link below to start reading, kudasai. and please do comment! you can comment even if you don't have an LJ account (but remember to tell me yr name in yr comment so i know who you are!). it's called: a sleepover....



i really do hope you like it.

ok....enough about my silly fanfic.

after such a long time of no toma news (except for toma talking about this secret project he's super excited about...), this week, we get some awesome news!! toma's gonna be in a summer drama and autumn drama SP! both as supporting characters, but still!!!!!!! URESHII!! ^O^ i was hoping he'd take a break in the summer (and he still has to promote hanamizuki by the end of summer), kedo... it's good to know toma's still getting work continuously ne!! *__* i guess supporting roles are good for him now too....less pressure and time spent filming....not as tiring. he needs time to promote his movies, after all...

so his secret project that he's been so excited about is that autumn drama SP! eh...i totally thought it was a movie cuz they were being so secretive about it. haha. but this drama SP seems like kinda a big deal...i'm glad toma gets to take part in it!

[pic of toma on the set. handsome~! toma looks good in the clothes of any time period. haha. he looks so dashing, with this look. ~_~ though...i don't like how his hair is parted far on one side. he's been leaving it like that while promoting for Seaside too...hmm. =T credit: zoe]

--the news about the autumn drama SP: Kyuukei no Kouya (the spherical wilderness).
Masakazu Tamura stars w/ Yosuke Eguchi & Toma Ikuta in 2-part drama this fall

and more info/news here (read the comments)

toma's gonna be paired up with higa again! ehhh....i really hope she's not as annoying as she was in majosai. i hate it when she tries to act cute. also hope toma's character won't be like....crazy in love with her and she'll manipulate him?? i really hope not. but toma as a police detective!!! (i miss naoto~). so cool. the drama takes place during WWII. hmm...the plot is vague but sounds exciting. i'm looking forward to it!

and the news about the summer drama:
Unubore Deka (Conceited Detective).

Tomoya Nagase stars in new Kudokan drama, titled "Unubore Deka"

(more info/news in the comments!)

this drama's plot is funny! haha. toma's role sounds funny/cool! haha. he'll be the Conceited Actor? lol. i'd love to see toma as an arrogant show-off. xD it's just so NOT toma...he's so modest. haha. i dunno the rest of the cast, but they are all good-looking. =P (oh, TOMALICIOUS WILL SUB THIS DRAMA!! xD)

...................SEASIDE MOTEL news:

[I REALLY LOVE THIS SEASIDE PIC. toma is so cute, i love that happy/dreamy expression on his face! i think she's saying "run away with me?" haha. YES, TOMA, PLEASE RUN AWAY WITH meeeeee! xD credit: mizza's blog]

toma and aso have started promoting the movie on various tv shows! =) i haven't seen watched clips, but seen screencaps of them at mizza's and zoe's blogs (i linked to their blogs in my LINKS section on the right side of this blog).

Ikuta Toma, Aso Kumiko attend test screening of "Seaside Motel"

that embarassing bed scene!!! i wanna see it!! LOL. this the "little bed scene" toma warned us about since last year?? he said it was like "pop-ish ero?" something like that? LOL. ehhhhh....i'm really curious about this scene!! i'm sure it'll be more funny than sexy but....GAH. i NEED to see toma all aroused and...making those sex noises and everything....omg. yes.

............. summaries of toma's latest entries (about his dramas):

[credit: helen@ and inseiko@Tomalicious for translating the title. remember, u can now read his (and yamashita's) entries at helen's site!! no need to register or anything! YEY~! ^___^]

Toma's Room
5/17 vol.356

-he'll be in the Matsumoto Seichou special ‘Kyuukei no Kouya’ ['the spherical wilderness'].
-it's a real honor to work with senpais he truly respects/grew up watching
-and can work with majo saiban's kaori after a long time
-will be a young cop. "It’s also been a long time since I’ve been a cop."

i'm glad toma's so happy and enjoying filming with sempais that he respects so much. *__* and i like how toma said he hasn't been a cop for a long time...referring to Maou, kinda....cuz that's immediately what i thought cool toma was as naoto. and his character is called Soeda? like 1 of naoto's friends in Maou!! xD

5/20 vol.357

-it's rare that reading the script makes him laugh.
-"Looking forward to it.
The excitement won’t stop."
-he's wanted to act with these actors and now he finally gets the chance.
-"Conceited actor Ikuta Toma will work hard.
I’ll be put on my most conceited face!"

yey!!! i love seeing toma in comedies!! and even reading the script makes him laugh!! wah!! and he'll be so awesome as an arrogant (vain?) actor!! haha. i hope he'll be a little nakatsu-like. xD ah...i'm sure he'll look so cool and stylish for this role too!!! sugoi...even when he's a supporting character, toma will surely stand out and get the audience's attention. kitto! xD (actually, toma already had an arrogant singer (kinda?) role in the past. he wore sunglasses all the time and hung out with his buddies at the karaoke place all the time in that drama....kakkoii.)


(the pic on the left is wicked cool (and hot!!). but i love the pic on the right too. I LOVE GIRLY TOMA!! xD i love how toma has so many different sides to him....and he looks good whether he's smiling and cheerful or looking serious and intense!!) (start looking from the 2nd page onwards)

SOME COOL TOMA MAGAZINE PICS. (from around feb. probably. he was in so many magazines...i think there's still some we haven't seen, probably. but i'm glad i got to see some more!) forgot to talk about this last week.

1 of my fav pics is the one of toma sitting on the stool, on a tv show....UWA...those are some really tight tight, ripped jeans he has on!! sexy.... xD (btw, toma's said before, he likes wearing loose pants. but sometimes for photoshoots or tv shows, we get to see him in really~ tight~ jeans. wow. =P toma looks awesome whether in TIGHT or relaxed fit jeans, really!!)

...................COOL TOMA LJ STUFF:
[her pics/more recapping of the stage greeting where she saw toma/talks about the movie.]

........ toma's UFO CM.....HOTNESSS!!! *drools*

(i've seen this good quality screencap at zoe's blog, but it didn't affect me much then for some reason. maybe cuz after anan...haha... everything he does seems more sexy. and i just notice his body more now. eh....)
TFS subbed toma's UFO CM...i think i've posted the link be4? but i'm posting it again in case any of u still haven't seen it. i just wanna emphasize HOW HOT~ toma looks in this high quality video.....OMG!! *drools* i've only downloaded and watched it recently. goodness...he was a little sweaty while running and that made him even more sexy! kyaaaaaaaaa. the cool uniform...his muscular, toned arms...that sexy expression on his face as he sucks up the noodles...even how focused and serious he looked when practicing.....ahhh!! *very turned on* i love it. toma's hotness is melting me again.....*hyperventilates* (>//////<) i've rewatched this video so many times!! LOL.

........................RANDOM COOL TOMA STUFF:

[in case u haven't seen it before...toma picspam f/2008. tons of awesome older/2008 toma pics. but the way she was all hyper about how sexy he is. lol...]
toma made it onto the URBAN DICTIONARY!! i thought of doing an entry for him a long time ago, but now finally (since 2009) some1 did it! sugoi!

1. Ikuta Toma 13 thumbs up

A very sexy Japanese actor/singer.

Damn, did you see Ikuta Toma on Hana Kimi last night? Sexy man!

sexy japanese actor singer hana kimi
by akorah Feb 11, 2009 share this


found this by accident. awesome! i've always wondered what he talked about for that sexy photo shoot in 2008. haha. wow, he talked about his grandfather!! sounds like a very cool and manly guy, huh? no wonder he looks up to him.
[translation of toma's (and ryo's) interviews from 2008.]
[pics that went with the interview]

toma talked about LOVE a little bit!! ^_^

"Rather than being loved, I want to fall in love. Rather than being sought after, I want to go after someone."

"Women?..... The first impression I give off is bad. It's like I unintentionally put in too much useless energy into it, there's that side of me that's always on ready status. Even on work location, I never know how to come in contact with actresses at first."

yappari, he gets nervous around girls/women. xD he'll try to act cool. he probably tries too hard, though. LOL.

.............toma stuff @yesasia:

[SEASIDE PHOTOBOOK! =) YEY. THIS MEANS HANAMIZUKI WILL DEFINITELY HAVE A PHOTOBOOK TOO!! i think i might have to buy the hanamizuki one....gorgeous toma and cute gakky in pretty hokkaido....AHHHHH~.♥]
[toma's anan magazine! u know u want it!! xD] [OH....THE BLU-RAY VERSION, U CAN WATCH IT ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! WOW!!! *__* too bad it's too expensive. and it has no eng. subs. and, i don't have a blu-ray player. xD (well, aniki can play blu-ray disks on his game console, but it's not really convenient for me to ask him and he'll think i'm crazy for buying something where i don't understand anything they're saying. xD)]

eh, a new follower! thanks for following my blog, Cristiana!
all the way from brazil too! sugoi. actually, i remember learning that most japanese ppl that live overseas live in brazil! i forgot why...something about going there to work a long time ago and they kept coming... fun fact for you all. haha. ok. that's it. bye! ~_~


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I love your new fanfic! im excited for the part 4! omg!! please please... toma wants me!

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EHHH! ^_~

dunno who u are, but i'm glad some1's actually reading it! yokkata! i'm glad you're excited about it! xD

part 4 is going to be HOT. >////<

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