Saturday, May 1, 2010

"because destiny brings us together! i hope that all u readers meet your awesome destinies too?" -toma (bunch of his pics and stuff....)

haha. i love this toma quote. (he was joking about he and this sempai, forgot his name...kept seeing each other, so they must be destined to be together! lol.) he wrote it in his column in wink up in 2005 or something, but it's so cute and funny at the same time, i had to re-post it here. haha!! it was included in the recap of toma's various writings over the years, in the last ikita kotoba from the april issue. u can see the whole thing translated and read other cute stuff toma wrote at TFS's post here:

oh, toma talked about his secret project a 2nd time! ^o^ for some reason, i think/i hope it's an action movie....i'd love to see toma fighting or something...that would be SO AWESOME!!! cuz he's been working out and looks all muscular and athletic right now...hmm...i remember seeing him fight sometimes in stage plays...ah, he was so kakkoii when fighting!!! especially w/a sword...kyaaa!! so cool. i hope the movie will be announced soon. and i hope tokyo's weather will not be so weird anymore. if toma wants warm weather, please make it so, for his sake!! =)

(credit: inseiko@Tomalicious Forum)

Toma's Room
Volume 349
(maybe f/april 24?)


i'm doing my best with zeal at filming.

doing filming in secret equals, u know. i suddenly have nothing to write about.

well, i usually don't have much to write about anyway.

oh shut up.

well, it's not secret so much as, it just hasn't been officially announced yet.

by the way, on this [J]web, they've made a corner for the movie seaside motel.


somehow, hot days and cold days are all mixed and
the weather's hard to understand but, be careful not to catch a cold.

take care of yourselves.

my fav recent TOMA'S PICS!!! YE~Y!
(f/march or april magazines, but some from before that...*click on them to see the full vers!*)

[get most of these pics from the toma gallery or the toma LJ or zoe...(check the posts in march @the toma LJ). thanks to strawberry_gemm, @] ALL his may magazine pics!! had a hard time resisting buying the winkup one (so cute! his angelic face!! ahh.♥♥ and he's got a skull thingy on his jacket too. haha. he still loves clothes w/skulls on it ne! HMM. MAYBE I'LL BUY IT AFTER ALL, IF THERE'S ANY COPIES LEFT THE NEXT TIME I GO THERE.HAHA.). he kinda looks girly in the cancam pic (towel & tanktop)?? but still hot! ^^ i love flirty toma! and of course, i love any pics of toma in a tanktop. toma's shoulders & arms are hot... ~_~ i'm so happy there have been a lot of toma tanktop pics recently!!♥♥

and i like that little blue beaded necklace he's got on...he's wearing that simple, pretty necklace in all his pics for winkup, duet, and potato, too. wait, he was also wearing that necklace when he was on SCP with morita go!! must be his new fav necklace? but nanka.....i'm a little worried. please don't let it be like....a necklace SOMEONE~ gave him....please no!! but no...maybe he just likes it. he was wearing a brown beaded necklace for the last winkup. i guess he just likes beaded necklaces right now...

(credit for the new pic of toma w/shorter black hair: mizza i think...forgot...)

(i love the sunglasses HYPER toma bidan pic!! lol. and the 2 pics and the pic on the bottom...the close up is much prettier, toma's so CUTE!! perfect.)

oh, the potato pics!! kinda like a treasure chest...pretty!! haha. kawaii, toma's awed expression!! makes me think of the rumor that jin's gonna be in Pirates 4. noooooo... but toma's hair here is so big and kinda curly. kinda toru-like! ...AND i like any pic where toma's like in the middle of getting dressed. kakkoii!

(I LOVE ANY PICS WHERE TOMA'S HANDS ARE...between his legs somehow. lol. i always think it's sexy/kinda provocative, even when he doesn't mean it to be....sometimes he's just so flirty about it though!! there's 1 pic f/last yr that i really love. so sexy!! and the flirty expression on his face too!! kyaaaa!! xD)

(this pic is f/toma's last ikita kotoba. he was really excited~ about how the bathtub was seperate from the shower booth. fancy! haha. this is such a cool and kinda sexy pic, though!! ~_~ and toma says sorry it's blurry. heehee.)

is anyone else kinda turned on by that pic where he's sitting reading, with his legs spread?! lol. sumimasen!! i...i got a little excited when i saw this picture... (>////<) ba-ka.....but he's so cute ne, i just need to ignore the way he's sitting. haha.


oh, notice i added that pic on the right side. a pic f/the official website, they are encouraging ppl to use the pics to promote hanamizuki, posting up the code for it. ~_~ i'm glad to help!! i would do it for seaside too, but they don't have that kinda stuff there.
[toma hugged gakky and spinned around in hanamizuki!!!♥♥ i haven't seen this!!! so cute!!!! u can see the gif at the top of her post here!]

i wanted to post this up sooner, but forgot about it....just some info about the hanamizuki song that i thought was interesting! i always felt that hanamizuki sounds more sad than romantic. no wonder!!! cuz Hitoto Yu wrote it because of 9/11...thanks to snowaltz for the info:

Here is the song translation and notes on the 9/11 connection.

~_~ this is toma's blog entry about the hanamizuki crank up:

[credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum]

Toma's Room
Vol. 342
(maybe mar.31)


I finished filming without incident.

It was really a warm production. I feel pretty lonely.

I think it's turning into a wonderful movie that will make you want to fall in love.
Please look forward to it opening in theatres.

I'm counting on you.

[u can finally watch the teaser trailer there. ~_~ the Message section...i think gakky and toma wrote something for us?? hmm. probably something about the movie and why we should watch. and in the Link section are some banners and pics u can use to help promote the movie at your blog or whatever!!]

(credit 4 this seaside pic: zoe. toma looks so COOL!!^^)
[thanks to careline 4 letting us know...the website has been update w/lots of, cast, production notes, etc. the website looks really really COOL now!! all the rooms look so quirky and pretty and colorful!! haha.]


paige said...

Just waiting for the news of his new project. If they will hurry up and annouce, so we can all speculate some more..hehe.
I think it maybe a movie, since they usually don't have to be so secret for dramas.

I guess he has the rest of the year to do a drama (and a butai).

The new magz are nice. So many Tomas pics every month is such a nice thing.

kate☂ said...

hey paige!

nanka....u are often the person to post after a long while of no1 commenting on my posts. arigatou!! haha.

yeah....i wonder...
hai. it must be a movie. only movies would they keep it secret for so long.

drama or butai? hmm...i bet toma will be in a butai in the fall. he loves his butais. ~_~

hai~ so many pretty toma pics lately. it's like he looks more gorgeous in each one, too!! <3 the newest ones @zoe's blog!!! so cool/cute!!!!!!! daiski!! <3