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toma's NEW message & pics & things. EH! HE'S BEEN WEARING THESE 2 BEADED NECKLACES A LOT....hmm.

hey everyone!

kate here.

this is my 443rd post!!! xD
posting on friday again.
random thought. i like spicy food, if it's not extremely~ hot. xD

(toma in the shower!? hot!!! this pic is f/2008, but i just suddenly thought of it the other gah!! so cute +

speaking of hot, i finally got my Cinema Square magazine recently!! it did take 3 wks (they ran out, so had to order f/the publisher). ahhhhh. but it's worth the long wait. he's too pretty. he's sexy, but in such a cute and flirty way ne!! a different sexy from the anan pics. yappari, i'm more used to this kinda sexy, flirty toma. he's so natural and at ease here....~_~ and the pics in the background of the text that u can hardly!!! too bad they made the pics too light. i love it when toma (or any cute guy xD) does that kinda sexy hair ruffling. kyaaa!! so...i've been staring at his pics in this magazine a lot. hahahahahaha......

like i told mizza, so many pretty pics of toma recently makes me wish toma could have a photobook!!! a book full of cute/hot toma pics would make me soooooooooo happy. but sure it'll be expensive (probably around US$30something). ehh....but it'll be so worth it. i'd DEFINITELY buy it. xD

.........summary of toma's latest Toma's Room entry (from may14?).

the first seaside motel advanced screening in osaka. [the one chochajin went to!] he's relieved the audience was laughing, cuz it's hard to make people laugh in osaka. wants everyone to help him promote this movie. (credit: inseiko @tomalicious)

oh, Seaside Motel has its own official twitter account!! sugoi! please follow it if u have twitter!!

.............TOMA'S PICS.♥ f/JUNE 2010 magazines and some older pics...

(my fav recent pics!! *_* credit: mizza and strawberry_gemm @ and

(toma lying down!!!!!♥ toma wearing glasses!!!!!♥ my fav kinda toma pics. moeeeeeee. i'd love to see toma wearing sunglasses, actually, but it's rare. *he's also wearing that blue necklace here~)

(sporty/adorable/cool(girly?) toma!! yeyyyyy.)

(closeup of THAT DARK BLUE BEADED NECKLACE he's been wearing a lot in his photo shoots. kyaaaaa. toma is so pretty.♥)

.............some info about the toma-satomi rumor (read at the link below).

(don't like to see them together now, but posting this up cuz toma is cute in this pic. xD love that fluffy soft sweater he's wearing!! ^.^ i'm glad they didn't have any other photoshoots together during the ningen promoting. this is only their second photo shoot with only the 2 of them. other ones during Voice, eita was there too. credit: strawberry_gemm.)
[RUMOR] Toma-Satomi??
* Dec. 21st, 2009 at 6:33 PM

oh, so they've been seen eating together sometimes back then? big deal, toma often goes out to eat with his co-stars! and she was his wife in the movie, maybe they also talked about work while eating...

...........toma's message for his fans!♥♥

from the recent MISS interview (in case u didn't read it~)

(read it here: awww. i want more msgs like this from toma!! i thought he'd say thank you, but he didn't. haha. i guess he already says it a lot in his jweb, though.

"Lastly, a message to his fans who has been supporting him!

The people who like me are all really courteous people. Rather than saying they are mature, I feel that they have their feet firmly on the ground. (laugh). I feel that I have to be one step ahead of what these people are thinking of. If they keep watching, I think that they will have thought like, 'you should be able to do something to this extent' That's why, I will be one step ahead. I want them to enjoy this even more."


(all pics credit: strawberry_gemm

(EHHH...PROBABLY NOT MANY PPL INTERESTED IN DETAILS LIKE THIS BUT, I TEND TO NOTICE AND OBSESS ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS. HAHA. especially since toma stopped wearing his yamashita friendship necklace around the start of last yr, and now, around 1 year later, he starts wearing THIS blue dark necklace a lot. hmm...)

BA-KA!! (>_<) WHY DIDN'T I REALIZE EARLIER, THE DARK BLUE BEADED NECKLACE TOMA WORE IN A BUNCH OF RECENT PHOTO SHOOTS....IT'S THE ONE HE WORE ALMOST ALL THE TIME IN MAJOSAI!!! LOL. no wonder it looked familiar somehow. (toru often wore a dark blue or a light green beaded necklace with another small gold necklace. i love his style. ^^ toma sometimes wears it like this too.) why did i not notice it in his pics sooner?? it looks pretty nice ne. guess he liked it so much, bought 1 just like it, but only recently wears it a lot.

he started wearing these beaded necklaces for a lot of photo shoots in autumn 2009 (dark blue one, lighter blue one and the black one...some other colors too). (that pic at the top left is from when majosai was still airing, though.) btw, around this time, in photo shoots, yamashita was often wearing a light green beaded necklace with a small moon and star and a cross on it (u can see it in their Sept. Potato photo shoot together. but he hasn't worn it in recent pics.

the black one, toma's been wearing a lot throughout ningen promoting (when guesting on tv shows)...and he was wearing the dark blue one when he appeared on SCP with morita go and for the march, may, and june 2010 magazine photo shoots (for 1 or all of the main 4 magazines)! and some other magazines...i lost track, but anyways, he's been wearing it a lot (but then again, i think he probably does a lot of shoots in one day).

and he's worn the black one at several important events...when he performed with yamapi at his solo concert in nov. 2009, at the johnny's new yr countdown concert, and on the opening day of ningen shikkaku (i think, can't see it very well 4 the opening day), for the stage greetings!! maybe the black one's his lucky necklace or something??? *_* i tried to see if these necklaces connect to yamashita somehow, but really...yamapi and lots of other guys wear these kinda beaded necklaces. although toma did wear that black one both of the most recent times he sang with yamashita on stage...

btw, this is the last time i saw his friendship (ring) necklace, the popolo march 2009 issue. dunno why he stopped wearing it, not even to tv shows. (but maybe he still wears it but it's hidden underneath his shirt?) i wrote a long post about this ring necklace with pics about this necklace last year:

...........COOL LJ STUFF:
(new video! ~_~ #108 5LDK 100311 - Unaired Episode. i still haven't watched all the ones from when he was promoting ningen...ehhh. so many...)

[Translation] Myojo 06/2010 (toma talks about gifts he buys for ppl and what his [wedding?] proposal would be like!!! EH!! xD)
**WARNING: LOTS OF NAKEDNESS.** WHOA!! a bunch of an an photo shoots!! i mean, A LOT (including toma's)!! some i've not seen before (both of the 2 other main guys in H&C did it!! EH!!!)....just if you're compare toma's and the ones before....omg....jin's and some other ppls' shoots....!!!! (>_<) shocking. THANK GOD toma's was by himself, not too revealing and quite classy!!! and i love how toma's always got zero/almost zero armpit hair. haha. toma said somewhere he doesn't like looking hairy. xD

.................RESULTS OF THE POLL.

wow, i thought cute toma would get more votes! i voted for cute toma. ~_~ but it's a tie with sexy toma. xD but i guess a lot of us like silly (nakatsu!) toma. but most of you voted ALL OF THE ABOVE. haha. yappari.

when do you like toma most? when he's

cute/boyish/shy ...5 (9%)

silly/funny/dorky ...8 (14%)

sexy/hot ...5 (9%)

cool/tough ...2 (3%)

serious/quiet ...1 (1%)

can't decide. ALL OF THE ABOVE. xD ...34 (61%)

Votes so far: 55
Poll closed

.............barely toma related, but for those of u who wanna go to japan sometime. xD

if you're in the usa and thinking about going to japan, check out this site! especially if u're a student. and if have a mitsuwa (with a JTB booth in it) near u, make sure u sign up for their newsletter/emails, sometimes they have special discount tickets or something. ~_~

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