Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IT'S MINE! ALL MINE! xD Yes, i ordered the ningen photobook today.


i ordered it at yesasia. i just saw it appear there today, and i quickly changed my mind and decided i should buy it. lol....within, like...30 minutes. there's not even any description at both sites, yet, about the book!!

and the book was released on jan.26, yet cezie told me her friend checked around in shibuya and tokyo on jan.27, and there were none left in stores!! ppl must have pre-ordered them from the book stores too?? or they all just went and bought them all in 1 day!! wow... i'm happy that toma's so popular, his ningen photobook is selling out FAST, but i hope all toma fans who want to buy it are able to...EVERYONE, QUICKLY BUY IT BEFORE IT'S SOLD OUT!!!

arrghh!! baka!! if i had waited a while longer, i could have ordered both the CD (hacken's new one) and this photobook at once gotten free shipping (would have saved $10!) geez...but at least this way, both will come faster, i guess... i hope at least the CD comes in time 4 my birthday (feb.9, minna-chan! you're not allowed to forget it, u know~ xD stealing toma's words again. gomen!).

~_~ and YES, i'm using my bday as an excuse to splurge on expensive toma merchandise again. TOTALLY~! but's his first movie after unforgettable time in his life, i'd love to be able to have a book that captured all (or at least many) of those moments. and like i said, i'd like to have something OFFICIAL from the movie...since i'm not sure if i can buy the DVD...

ja, i have to admit, i was kinda influenced by what toma-kun said when deciding whether to buy this book or not, too. ( weak!! i'm so weak!! hopeless. when it comes to resisting buying toma stuff. ESPECIALLY when he asks us so nicely to buy it. ahhh.♥)

this is toma's whole message. i usually summarize it, but this time, it's hard, cuz his message is cute and he talked about the photobook in detail...(PLEASE don't tell anyone at Tomalicious, or i might get in trouble...! translation credit: inseiko)

(kyaaaaa! so cute!!!!!!♥preview of new toma magazine pic,
credit: strawberry_gemm,

(probably from jan.24?)
Toma's Room (toma no heya)
Vol. 312

i just found out...

the "Ningen Shikkaku" photobook will be out January 26th! seems i'm allowed to say so (laughs)

i saw the photobook and, it looks qu-i-te! good.
just as u can understand if u saw the book covers, the ningen shikkaku photos are all good.

in addition to photos from in the movie, there are also some like off-shots, so i think you will be able to feel the atmosphere on the set even more. please look.

for me i think i would like to keep it safely at home as a very luxurious album of memories.

look forward to the 26th!

with that in mind, i have something to say to everyone.

magazines and television...i'm doing a lot of things so please keep up with me.

do your best!! (laughs)

toma, you had better not be exagerrating. lol.
no, i believe you!! the pics on the dazai book covers are really nice!!

i hope there will be many off-shots....of toma's chair with his name on it, toma being cute and silly, laughing, etc, on the set...i wish they'd have some pics that toma took himself too, but i guess that's not necessary, since ppl who subscribe to his blog can already see those... =T

sa...i bought the hanazakari no kimi tachi e-Ikemen Paradise Making Book for US$19.75 back in october 2007. i guess cuz toma's so popular, the price steadily went up to US$25.99. and this morning, i thought i could have sworn, i saw it as $27.99?? but it's now back to $25.99...weird.
u can still order the hana kimi photobook here if u want. it's quite nice!! but i wish there were more pics from the WHOLE drama and not just mostly the later episodes...

oh, good grief!! O__O this place has tons of photobooks u can download!! just found it by accident. wow....
WOW. the hana yori dango Final movie photobook has TONS of stuff in it, even virtual dates with 2 of the characters?? WHAT?! EHHH!!! really really curious about that!! haha. "Making-of photobook for the film "Hana yori Dango F (Final)," featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and plenty of photos of Mao Inoue and F4 (Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, and Tsuyoshi Abe) in Japan, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and more! Includes photo story, behind-the-scenes photos, relation guide & story outline, interview, special F4 shots, virtual date with Tsukushi Makino, and virtual date with Tsukasa Domyoji in Hong Kong. Size: A4, all-color, 116 pages."

i don't expect the ningen book to have tons of cool stuff like this...but i hope there will be a lot of interesting off-shots, pretty pics of kyoto, and of course, MOSTLY PRETTY pics of our toma ne!! ^O^

[credit: zomboid]

and it seems like, on jan.27th (yesterday, in japan), the day after the ningen photobook was released, toma went on a show, Guutannuubo. and the type of girl he likes is still yuuka-san (naruse's neesan f/Maou), and i think he said something about liking girls that say "kono wa hajimatte"?? i think that means "this is the first time" eh??? and i think he said he likes girls with a husky voice? lol. and he was sitting right next to this really pretty mixed(?) girl. just a personal observation. haha. I LOVE HIS OUTFIT!! red plaid + tie, with a small necklace in front of the tie. ii neeeee. ~_~ u can dload it at the toma LJ, but hisatopii will probably soon have it up at her youtube page! only around 5 minutes, but so much toma cuteness squished into that short video clip. xD

whew, this post turned out longer than i wanted. gomen~.
ja ne!

kate deshita.


Cezie_Pals said...

kyaa.. ningen photobook being released on my bday & everybody in japan buying it must be the best bday gift toma gave me? ehh? LOL
yeah, i'll tell u as soon as i get my ningen photobook kate-chan! it's a race! haha

Anonymous said...

You did the right deary xD
I hope they will have it somewhere in tokyo xD Otherwise I will be very annoyed! XD

kate@feb20 said...

sugoi ne!! ^_^
i wonder if anything special, toma-related will happen on my bday. it's a race!! :P

i actually found out about the ningen photobook by accident, thru your LJ. =)

@___@ GAH!!! JUST WENT TO YR BLOG!! THE NINGEN PREMIERE ALREADY HAPPENED!!! *__* BUT IT'S LIKE ALMOST A MONTH BE4 THEY RELEASE THE MOVIE!! EHHH!!! and toma's hair is kinda funny....but i guessed that he'd do something different to it for that night. haha.

(this completely messes up the ending of my fanfic, the request. lol. i don't get this like a pre-premiere thing?? what happens on feb.20?? will there be another event then??)

and u're gonna fly to tokyo to watch his movie?? SUGOI!! *_* please do tell me when u post about it after u get back!!!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

hahaha, you girls so quick on the order! It will be that agonising 'wait' before getting it...becomes impatient! Checking teh post everyday...

careline, you have to check all bookstores every chance, b/c Japan seems to have different stock of books in different stores. It happened to me last time when I didn't buy something at one, b/c the last one left, and it was the display one, so I thought, eh, just go to another bookstore...but couldn't find it after a long time. Phew found it on the 2nd last day....

kate☂ said...

*_* sou des! have to buy it quick be4 it's sold out! u're totally'll be frustrating ne. they didn't give me a tracking number, either. >_<

ah, i almost forgot, u've been to japan, too!! luckyyyyyy.