Sunday, January 17, 2010

finished writing comments about the "making of" my fanfic today!!

finished writing comments about the "making of" my fanfic today!! please do read some of it....i wonder what were your favorite moments from the story??? I'VE LISTED MY TOP 10 FAVORITE *DOKI DOKI* MOMENTS THERE.... xD

u know what this means...i'm finally gonna watch last episode of maou's gonna be a rainy day too...ah...i wanted to finish everything relating to the fanfic be4 watching the ending of Maou, cuz i want to keep this happy, dreamy feeling a little while longer...u know i'll be so sad and crying and crying after i watch the Maou ending...ah...=( weirdly, i also had to wait a long time till i could watch the last episode, the 1st time i watched maou (more than a month, i think). this time, took almost a month to watch it...

also, i added some pics @the fanfic! before...thought i shouldn't to keep it secret and all (where u open the xmas presents) u don't see it when u scroll down...but now that the story is finished, i might as well...i like seeing pics of the locations i spent time looking for there at my storie's page. especially the library. i found TONS of japan library pics, i'm telling you...whew... -__-

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Thank you so much for thoose links! (btw, my enligsh stinks! it's becasue I'm from sweden!)
I was just wondering if you know how I could post Toma a letter. Do you know any adress?

Thank you for this awsome blog! I really enjoy read it!

/ (I know, silly name xD)

kate@feb20 said...

you're welcome!! no, your english is pretty good! ah, i'm happy to know someone from sweden!! ~_~

i'm glad u asked! there are 3 different addresses u can send him fanmail....i've listed them here:

ah, i'm glad u like my blog! really, reading messages like this always makes my day!! thanks!! ^^ case u don't see this comment, i'll email u too later...