Friday, January 29, 2010


from now till the movie is released on Feb.20,
toma's gonna be everywhere...!!
(ehh...i hope i can keep up with him!!) a good day!!
for many different reasons.
1 of them is there's a bright full moon today. heard on the radio it's supposed to be the brightest full moon of the yr or something like that?! sugoi! another reason is cuz my ningen photobook was shipped today!! yey!! and the BIG reason...but i can't tell u (yet), gomen! xD

after the BIG news of the press screening + red carpet for ningen yesterday (jan.27, i mean), today, there's more videos/pics of him on other tv shows, and more of his magazine preview pics...

(and toma's wearing A LOT of red plaid these days 4 his tv appearances!!! sugeh!! i love toma in plaid clothes, u know~)

(edit: i think the bottom left, that's the ningen photobook??!! kyaa!! ~_~)

most of these, i don't think they have it at the bookstore i go to, but I SOOOOOO HOPE THEY HAVE THE +ACT!! I THINK THEY DO??!! TOMA ON THE COVER!! GAH!! AND THOSE TOMA PICS ARE LOVELY AND COOL, AND I LOVE LOVE OUTDOORS SHOOTS. and especially...i have a weakness for toma pics where he's sleeping/lying down.

but look at the official website...they have removed toma's pic f/the cover!! lol. i thought johnny's has started allowing their guys' pics to be used on websites?? i guess that's just for dramas/movies for now, then??

MANY MANY THANKs to gemm-chan!!

soshitte...i promise~ i'll post up a bunch of toma news and links and stuff SOON, but for now, please enjoy these beautiful pics of toma-kun. douzo~!

(toma at the ningen press suit, but his hair is a little...ehhh...curly! ^_~)

(kakkoii....toma totally rocks in these suits!!! he can look young, he can look mature, he can look SO HANDSOME in them....)

(more suits.... he's so gorgeous~~ and kawaii neeeee~ ah!! tie!! )

(GAHH!!! akjdfie395@*$*!!! *melts* )

[credit: strawberry_gemm, XQ, last image: kyara.
remember, go here to dL all of these pics and


Cezie_Pals said...

kyaa!!!! kyaa!!!! *dies*
omg. so many good news! how i wish i was in japan right now. and witness toma's days to shine! kyaa!!!
yours is shipped already kate-chan? wow! so lucky. mine is still processing. probably becoz i ordered a SS501 CD with it. ^_^
I'll be looking forward to your post everyday then kate-chan!

*takes one more look at toma's photos*

KYAA! KYAA! KYAA!!!! *dies*

kate-chan said...

sou desu! me too!!
but then, i think if i was there, i wouldn't be able to resist buying all of his magazines and other merchandise. xD it's better this way ne.

ESPECIALLY....HE LOOKS SO CUTE IN ALL OF HIS PHOTOSHOOTS THIS TIME!!! <3 he always does...but this time...even more...WOW. ~_^

yeS! cuz it was the only item in my order. ~_~

thanks~! but i probably won't be able to post daily...but i'll try to keep up with his all his stuff, and post often, DEFINITELY!!!

Cezie_Pals said...

my friend over in tokyo has been collecting all the toma magazines. so lucky!!!
Makes me wanna kick her. ahaha.. just kidding. she said that toma will be all over TV soon. the toma fandom is so excited. my Toma team here can't sit still. we're online as much as we can. (even when im at work, i check out toma news. LOL.. I feel bad for my patients) oh well. hihi...

ultraviolet_p1 said...

yea, the +ACT is so nice.
But, eh, they took him out of the website covershot...ohhh

kate☂ said...

oh...somehow i missed yr comment cezie. EHH! i'm jealous of yr friend too. it is so exciting, but a little overwhelming!! btw, 17days till the movie is released. been counting down on my phone.

seriously? xD i'm glad u've got your priorities straight. lol. no, no, i'm sure your patients will be just fine.

paige, i was surprised they took him out of the pic on the official website, too! i hope the bookstore can order it 4 me...but i won't find out for weeks. >_<