Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's 2011!! (oh, wait...xD) some toma pics and polls/news

(almost my 400th post!!! eh....
i see lots more ppl have been coming here.
dunno if it's the same ppl coming more, or also new ppl.

(f/the london new yr fireworks this yr!! SUGOI DESU NE!!! ah, i love it!!! u gotta watch it...i linked to it in my cbox on new yr's day!! wait, lemme get it. here u go. the london NY fireworks R always the best!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdU-YUSzkUI)

end of the year poll results relating to two things i'd like to do a lot: kiss toma and watch his dramas. *_* ahahahahahahhahaha.

Ranking: Artist You Want to Kiss (toma got 9th place!!! ^-^ nino and ohno before him. but he beat yamashita!! i'm always glad when that happens cuz yamapi almost always ranks higher than toma on these kinda polls! *U CAN VOTE FOR THE PERSON U WANNA KISS HERE!! VOTE FOR TOMA, KUDASAI!!*)

Kimura Takuya Earns Johnny's Ratings King Title (old pic, but i love that pic of toma!! UWA!! GO VOICE!! ^_^ toma got 3rd place in highest avg ratings for a drama!! i'm surprised though, i thought buzzer beat got really high ratings, yet Voice still got a higher average...hmm... majosai in 16th place is as expected ne. ah, late night dramas are different though...

this comment made me feel so...*__*
ah, toma, i'm so proud of you!!
2010-01-03 11:26 pm UTC (link) Track This
Incredible showing for TOMA!! A few years ago he only appeared in the back pages of the johnny magazines along with the other forgotten Juniors. Look at him now!!

oh, this is from my calendar that i bought f/sanseido @mitsuwa!! i just thought the tear-off each month thing and the pics looked pretty, but didn't notice that all the months have cute little pics on them (for holidays or other things...i think it's got shinto holidays and stuff too or something...) and even little red transparent stickers to stick on holidays or mark special events. OF COURSE, I'VE MARKED THE DATE OF NINGEN SHIKKAKU'S PREMIERE ALREADY!!!

here's some pics from POTATO january 2010!!
cuz i got it as 1 of my xmas presents this yr. lol. arigatou!! douzo~~

toma & yamashita!! this pic was part of an end of the yr special booklet that came w/the magazine. not part of the original set that we saw in the issue from before.

cowboy toma! i dunno if this is the same pic as the ones we've seen be4, so posting it up too.

ningen toma fan art. pretty good!! does kinda look like him.
i'm jealous...ahh...i'm never gonna see my fan art in potato or winkup. -__-

see u later.
hope everyone's new yr has been awesome so far.
i saw a bright shooting star on the 2nd night of the new yr!!! SUGEH!! *-*
i was jumping up and down. lol. ~_~

(btw, toma says he's been having a relaxing new yr, and he wonders how every1 spent their new yr... will update u all on anything interesting toma said in his blog sometime this week....)

kate deshita.
(this has been kate)

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