Tuesday, January 19, 2010

just curious....ARE THERE ANY GUYS HERE???!


kate desu~.

it rained a lot today.
i mean, A LOT. some thunderstorms too.
rain rain rain!! crazy rain...ah, i should listen to Yokubou No Rain, right? haha.
but...i freaked out....water everywhere in the streets...
*keeping my fingers crossed* afraid of flooding...
we might have to get sand bags....?! in the almost 28 years (my bday is feb.9, everyone, remember to give me something!! lol. kidding.) i've been alive, i've never seen so much rain....geez. (but my mom said, on the day that i got baptised, it rained so much, water flooded into the church a little....so i guess we have sometimes gotten a ton of rain like this in california...)

sa...toma's gonna be in some tv shows. i think u can watch the one about cooking on youtube already, but not sure where...if u know, please tell me!! ~_~ and his documentary show is gonna air january 31!!!

umm....it feels a little boring here lately, so i've set up a new poll!! please do vote!! you see, i started this poll at the Tomalicious forum on dec. 26, 2007. this is what i said:

i think toma's fans R almost certainly 90% female, but i could be wrong... R there any guys here?? =P

and this is the results as of today:

Female [ 158 ] [94.61%]
Male [ 9 ] [5.39%]
Total Votes: 167

I KNOW THERE MUST BE MANY TOMA FANS OUT THERE THAT ARE GUYS, JUST THAT THEY'RE IN THE MINORITY, FOR SURE....i think it's awesome that toma's got guy fans too...and i think he was saying in his ANN, he was happy to get a letter from a male fan?? doesn't matter if you're a guy and u like him or u really like him, i think that's cool. i know at least 1 person that comes here that's a guy.....

but i wonder if there's many more??? actually, being a girl, of course i'm more comfortable around girls, and i'd like to think mostly only girls come here....but of course, guys are welcome too!! (i'd just feel a little embarassed if lots of guys also come here, but then i really doubt it....)

so~ please vote!
and please vote truthfully!!
thank you! ^__^

and just in case some ppl don't want to choose between the 2, i've also added intergender. =) ehhh...i think some johnnys boys can fall into this category??!! lol.


Cezie_Pals said...

aww... kate-chan, ur bday is on feb 9? cool! my bday is coming up too. jan 26th. give me something. LOL. just kidding.
Been wondering how toma is doing right now. i cant wait to watch that documentary. I've been drowning myself with my fav korean idols' mvs while waiting for toma news.

Hope he's doing ok. anyways, i know at least 5 male Toma fans. and they aren't.. you know... in love with him... they admire him for his style & acting ability. ^_^
3 of them are japanese & 2 are koreans. they go to your blog too once in a while. hehe... i don't think they've posted anything yet.

Anyways, how's it going?

kate☂ said...

heeeeey! cezie~ ^^
ahhaha. yes, just felt like shamelessly promoting my bday like that. lol. ah!! hounto ni?? jan.26 is ellen's bday!! ellen degeneres. i love her!! well, i love you too!! <3
ehh...i already gave u and every1 an xmas present, isn't that good enough? lol.

toma's probably still got time off, but also working on promoting ningen...i wonder when hanamizuki starts filming again? or has it already??

maji des?? sugoi!! ah, i'm glad they come here too. it's ok, i've got a ton of lurkers here. haha. not much ppl like to comment. i get it though...some blogs i check each day, i rarely comment too...

good, i guess. ^_^ i've been daydreaming about toma way too much (cuz of the fanfic) but it's been way too fun and sweet too. haha. looking forward to feb. toma takeover of tv, magazines, etc, though!!! YEY~

Cezie_Pals said...

ooh.. your fanfic was.... scrumptious?! lol... thats exactly how i felt it when i read it. haha!!
Arigatou, ne? I did hear that they were gonna film some parts of Hanamizuki here in Canada... maybe Toma won't need to.. but i really hope he will coz I'm definitely gonna go Toma-hunting (along with 5 other extreme Toma-fans here). hekhek..
just last week, me & my friends went Korean pop stars-hunting. Kim Hyun joong (JiHoo of boys over flowers) and Hero Jaejoong (of DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki) were in vancouver. One of us got lucky and got a picture with them and autograph.
I really want to meet Toma-chi one day. haha...
I will definitely ask for a picture with him!!! then i'd blow it up and frame it all over the house! kyaa!!!
2010 Toma year, hopefully it will start soon. hehe

kate@feb20 said...

haha! i'm glad u liked it!!! it was, wasn't it?? <3 ah, it would be SO AWESOME if u guys found him and got to take a pic with him/talk to him/shake his hand!!! please do tell me how it goes!! even if u don't see him, it'd be cool to see gakky filming... SUGOI!! i have only gotten and autograph w/my fav hk singer, hacken, but wasn't able to take a pic with him....well, my sis took a pic of me asking for his autograph, though. haha. but it was blurrrry. =( IF I EVER MEET TOMA, I THINK I'D BE TOO NERVOUS TO ASK FOR AN AUTOGRAPH OR PIC. JUST SHAKING HIS HAND AND SAYING I'M A BIG FAN IS ALL I CAN MANAGE, I THINK. xD

kate-sempai ~_~ said...

to jhanijee010:

i'm actually no good at writing in viet though. but ur ugly= may xau qua (very casual) and aishiteru= anh/em yeu anh/em het long het suc...i guess. which is like saying "i (male)/i (female) love you, with all my heart, with all my strength." hey, that sounds pretty sweet huh?? but it's hard to translate aishiteru... pick easy words and i can do better!! LOL, AT THE PHRASES U ASKED THOUGH....are u gonna say this to anyone?? u can also go here and look up stuff yourself. quite a useful website! http://vdict.com/index.php

skychord said...

hehe arigato~ but the words u gave me r kinda hard 2 pronounce hehe..n im actually thnking to say "ur ugly" to someone i really hate.!!! thnx 4 the website too, by the way..ur birthday is c0ming ^^ omedetto gozaimasu.!!! hope u have a nice b-day this year~....

speaking of birthdays, im going to be 16 this october 27!!! dont forget that senpai.! or kouhei-san will be mad at you.!


kate@Maou said...

hai. vietnamese words are tough to pronounce (and spell!)...ah, thanks for the early happy bday!! i hope so. ^^

haha. wakatta. i'll remember!! ~_~