Saturday, January 23, 2010

cuz toma would surely be a good daddy...♥ (400th post!!!!^^)

this is my 400th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xD omedetou, kate-chan!! (laughs) smiliesmiliesmilie

(by the way, the 2nd pic, at the top (kakkoii!!), it said "he was soaked in nostalgia". somehow, that sounds dirty. lol. credit: suoncom and hpswf1,

just a quick update, cuz when i saw that pic, i just went "ahhhh!!!".

so adorable. it's my new cellphone wallpaper. haha. though toma says he wouldn't want to have a daughter in the future (worried when she'll be dating/getting married), but i think he'd be so sweet to his daughter neeeee.

and this girl isn't the little girl f/ningen (that lucky girl he was playing with and who got his autograph). toma's got to work with so many little girls ne!! (maou, majo saiban, ningen) hmm...this is just a random girl, i guess.

many years from now, she'll realize how lucky she was to take pics with this handsome guy!! *_*

i couldn't buy the SEDA Feb. 2010 magazine (w/him in the glasses!! kyaa~) cuz it was sold out, but then i's ok, there will surely be cuter toma magazine pics soon, cuz there always is...haha...toma's cuteness knows no bounds!! and those clever photographers always have awesome new ideas of how to dress him up or cute things 4 him to do...well, they did it again!! ^_^ i rarely see toma pose in pics with little kids though, so this is really really cool and the pics are SWEET!! gonna try to buy this issue...

Warakora January 20, 2010. download it here!
thanks to strawberry_gemm! (will be locked soon!!)


putry88 said...

neh~ 1st pic.. that's girl so lucky n kawaii..with toma ^^

Cezie_Pals said...

kate-chan, can u please link me to The Seda Feb 2010 pics please? all the ones online won't allow me to access it :(

kate-chan said...

HAI! actually...that girl is not really cute...right? but i wish i could take a pic w/toma like that, and that he would hold my hand!!! kyaa!! <3

cezie, if u have LJ, u can join the toma gallery LJ...they have ALL of his pics there. but if u still want me to upload it, tell me, and i will, ok?

Cezie_Pals said...

u don't have to upload. just send me the link for that toma gallery LJ... coz i couldn't get in. :(

kate@feb20 said...


here u go. i posted some small pics f/SEDA here:

and this is the link where u can see the SEDA pics, full size, and lots of other toma magazine pics:
(remember, u have to join the community to see the pics!)

Cezie_Pals said...

thanks kate-chan!

kate☂ said...

no problem! ^^

monkii-chan xD said...

Kate-chan sounds a bit like Kei-chan! xD
But thank you! n__n

kate☂ said...

monkii-chan, doumo! u're welcome!

haha. maybe keiko can be my nickname...cuz i know in japanese, kate is pronounced like "kate-o" sounds like keiko. =P