Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i saw a rainbow... (some misc. toma pics...documentary show preview!!)

happy birthday cezie!! =)

(and happy birthday, ellen!!)

today's post is just to share some pics...
i'll try to post about toma soon, though!!

oh, u can watch the preview of his documentary show (that will air jan.31) here:
youtube.com/watch?v=bm2ZGUmnJxg. but they followed him around for a whole yr and the show is only 45 minutes, i think?? no way!!! it's gotta be longer!!

i saw a rainbow today,
but not as pretty & clear as the one i saw last week.
i don't remember the last time i saw such a pretty, BIG rainbow!! sugoi!!

what's really cool is that was the day of conan's last tonight show taping, and the rainbow appeared right before filming started!! ah, i hope it is a good sign for conan and all his staff...

here's the pic that aaron (the always hyper and hilarious) tonight show blogger posted. (credit: http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.com/)

and below are the pics i took. what some birds flew by right then too!! sugeh!!

i forgot where i found this pic, some1's LJ....toma's ACUO gum, w/his pics right there. heehee.

this is another extra pic f/the Potato end of the year compilation of pics thingy....u've probably seen it be4, but it's just a little bigger this time...^_^ they should have made this pic into the poster instead of the other pic, cuz i like this one more!!


Cezie_Pals said...

aww. arigatou for putting a birthday greeting in your post for me Kate.
I actually jumped and smiled so much after I saw it!!! ^_^ kyaa!
I'm so happy today. I turned 20 and I had a great time today (even though I had work).
My friends made a book of pictures of me with Toma in it.. as if the pic was taken with me & Toma in real life. It's really cool! sugoi!!
That rainbow is so nicely taken with the cloudy sky & the birds. kekek..
Thanks again Kate-chan! kyaa!!! ^_^ Ureshi ne.

kate@feb20 said...

hi hi~
cezie-chan. ~_~

ah, i'm so glad my post made u so happy!! ^-^ and u had a great time. yokatta desu ne! that's an awesome gift for any toma fan!! haha. i'd love that. i made a pic like that, of me and toma next to each other. since 2008, but i still love looking at it. haha.

hai. it was a really pretty rainbow!! <3

kate☂ said...


just wanted to say...i was really surprised and happy that me saying happy birthday to u had a such a big effect on you!! ma...it's just me, kate saying it. ~_~

ja, i'm glad that we can both buy the ningen photobook!! let's see who gets it first!! heehee. iya...i really really hope it's good. even though toma said it's awesome, but he says that about all his stuff. lol....but i trust him.

maybe. (laughs)

Cezie_Pals said...

souka... i want to make another pic of me with toma-chi but i don't have time & the proper photoshop to do that. haay..
thanks again kate-chan. ^_^...
oh. send me your address through email. i'll send you something for your bday. ^_^
look forward to it. ^_^