Thursday, September 17, 2009

another way to celebrate his birthday! ^o^ TOMA'S BIRTHDAY METEOR SHOWER!!!

an annual birthday meteor shower ESPECIALLY FOR TOMA?!

(sorry, some of u have already read this when i posted it last year. i have changed this post slightly, though. :P)

AWESOMENESS!!! so cool how it peaks around the time of toma's b-day! it's called the Draconids, but us toma fans can think of it as the TOMA'S BIRTHDAY METEOR SHOWER! if u get the chance, go out at night and see if u can see any meteors!! it's a great way to celebrate toma's birthday ne! and it's cool how this meteor shower is special in many ways, just like toma!! but i have trouble seeing the Draco constellation. i can see the little and big dippers fine, but can't really see Draco. well, it's in the middle of the 2 dippers, so just look towards them! (or just look northward, like they say.) to be more specific, look above the little dipper! here's a bigger pic to help u locate Draco:
they don't say a specific time, just evening. so i guess anytime it gets dark enough to see stars, go out and see if u can see any meteors, on the nights of october 7 and 8!! :D good luck!! i hope i'll see some!!

October 7, 8, 2009 Draconids

The radiant point of the Draconid meteor shower almost coincides with the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon, in the northern sky. That’s why it is best viewed from the northern hemisphere. This shower is a real oddity, in the respect that its radiant point is highest in the sky as darkness falls. The shower is definitely a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. But watch out if the dragon awakes! On occasion, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth hundreds – if not thousands – of meteors in a single hour. Since the waning gibbous moon won’t rise till late night, the evening hours provide some cover of darkness for observing these meteors. Unlike most meteor showers, more Draconid meteors are likely to fly in the evening than in the morning hours after midnight. This hard-to-predict shower is not predicted to have increased activity in 2009. Look northward for the very slow-moving Draconid meteors on the evenings of October 7, 8 and 9. October 7 and 8 are likely the better bets.

and at, they say the Draconids occur from early october to mid-october. usually peaking on 7-9 October. they're best seen in the northern hemisphere. they're usually slow, faint, and yellow in colour.


Subtle_Hints said...

Meteor shower means lots and lots of falling stars?? that would be great for Toma's birthday...then we could wish for him lots of times :D hahahaha i miss Toma...haven't watched his latest drama since I'm so busy with work...maybe i'll get back on it starting next week and be head over heels inlove with him again LOL!! thanks for all the awesome posts..really appreciate it :D

kate ☂ said...

heeeey!! subtle_hints, usashibarii!! haven't heard from u in so long. ~_~

yes! haha. yeah~ i'll remember to make wishes 4 toma if i see any...

aw. =[ that's ok, just watch a little bit whenever u have time...sometimes it's so hard to keep up w/all his dramas ne!! i'm so relieved he's been working on movies only so far (and he'll be in 1 episode of a short ghost stories drama). so that means i can have time to catch up on toma stuff i haven't watched. haha.

u're very welcome!! and thanks for still coming to this blog! ^_^