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A LOT OF toma/toma's co-stars/japan's CMs/pics/news...

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i have built up a lot of links and news i wanna share with u all. a lot of it is not about toma, but still interesting...

zehi~ please take a look!!
(i'll try to post up all the cool new toma LJ links soon...)

was looking thru old toma pics to find the right hairstyle to draw in the fan art, and i came across these pics from 2008. kyaaa!! *-* i LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics.♥ 1 of the best winter photoshoots EVER. just one of my fav set of pics of toma, COMPLETELY!!♥ he is just so incredibly cool and cute... sexy but also gentle, boyish. just too beautiful neeeeee.♥♥

but i've never seen the high quality scans. if anyone knows where i can find them, pls tell me!! or if u have it, could u pls pls upload it 4 me somewhere?? ^.^ i've only seen them in high quality in these wallpapers i found at baidu or something. maybe i can ask at gemm's toma gallery later if no1 here knows...

[Toma Ikuta, Kumiko Aso star in "Seaside Motel", Thursday September 10, 2009 Japan]

-NEWS ABOUT HIS LOTTE "COUPLE" CM (& translation of the CM dialogue!):
[ Ikuta and Eikura Work Together for First Time, Monday August 31, 2009 Japan]

i was curious about who eikura is. WOW, SHE'S INTO MMA (mixed martial arts). MAYBE THE MOST TOMBOY-ISH GIRL THAT TOMA HAS WORKED WITH. it's rare. cool. (she is cool/kakkoii, i mean. :P) she looks prettier w/long hair, though.


[tomaki MV. them promoting hana kimi. =) there are some hana kimi extras with chinese subs.]
[Toma Ikuta MV] some quite nice/cute/cool toma moments f/various tv shows/behind the scenes moments. (some in slow motion ♥)...i haven't seen some at all!! sugoi~]

-2 old toma CMs, in case u dunno about them:
[old CM]
[2008 KFC cm]


luckily, they're ok now. here's some news/a staff blog about it:
5th September 2009 (Saturday)

read news about she shiori (haruka f/maou) is getting her first role in a movie, so i tried looking for info about her and found out she's the "pocky princess", she became really popular after this CM?? lol. she's completely hyper and happy in this CM, dancing around...i'm so not used to seeing her like this, but she's cute...u can see her CM at the fansite above.
[mao in hawaii pics!! so pretty ne~~ both her and the scenary! wish i could be there.]
[Eita and Three Others Pretend to be the Fab Four, Friday August 28, 2009 Japan] eita, shun, and 2 other guys got to go to the UK and film these CMs!!! lucky!! read the news, and there's a link to watch the cool CMs!!
news about how JE is trying to stop ppl from selling JE concert tickets online for insanely high the comments and u'll see why it's almost impossible for overseas fans to buy concert tickets to johnny's guys' concerts. =0 so unfair. -__-
[arashi's 5x10 song] arashi is celebrating their 10th year by doing all kinds of awesome things. :D one of them is by writing this touching song, thanking their fans/everyone that likes/supports them...i think the lyrics are so sweet and touching, hounto ni!! listen to the song and check out the translated 2 eng. lyrics!!]
[Arashi's Best album met the million mark on its 13th day of sales, a 1st since debut., Wednesday September 2, 2009 Japan] OMEDETOU!!! ^_^v

[70,000 people go wild for Arashi's 10th anniversary at Kokuritsu!, Saturday August 29, 2009 Japan] toma might have been here!! he went to one of their concerts with ryo (?)!! :D

News about the big election i talked about earlier. finally, a new ruling party in japan...

i love these funny signs/posters they have in public, in Japan, to remind ppl not to do certain things. lol. they're so creative, the text and drawings they come up with. :P
[metro manners posters]
[smoking manners signs!!]

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