Thursday, September 10, 2009

TOMA'S IN ANOTHER MOVIE!!!! :D ....yey?? =0

[credit:, Fisheye pier @Guam]

for some info/pics about Guam:

just checked, and the weather there right now is rainy and hot. =/
i think it's a little cooler in tokyo than guam these days...

news about the movie, SEASIDE MOTEL (based on a manga) here:

good lord, another movie?! =0
toma is really working non-stop this yr!! @_@

but i'm happy he gets to star in another movie, and filming at guam must be nice, pretty beaches and's nice to be able to work on a tropical island. (except if there are hurricanes...) technically, i'm in the same country (America) as he is now!! sugoi~ but still very very far away from him. ppl in australia are even closer to him than me (but that's good for u, paige!! haha). -__- i wonder if there r any toma fans in guam??? a lot of filipinos and other asians there, maybe there are!! the plot sounds cool, but his co-star, i wish she was prettier. haha. oh well. she's 30-something yet playing the role of a 20-something? eh...nande.

if i remembered correctly, he finished filming for ningen on august 24. that would mean he only got around 6 days off until he had to work on this new movie?!! toma, take care of yourself, don't get sick!!! especially don't get h1n1 flu!! =[

but, wow, really...this is really awesome news!!! ^__^
since ningen is a really dark and serious and 1940s movie, and toma's hair was not so good....this present day movie (comedy/serious) will be a good way to show ppl toma's regular, bright, funny, cool, CUTE side. I WONDER WHAT HAIRSTYLE HE HAS FOR THIS MOVIE???


Cezie_Pals said...

OMG. So happy for Toma too. Yeah, I'm worried about his health too...
But I was extremely happy. Overall, this is like the best day of my life coz I started this morning reading the news about his new movie. then I got hired. then I won a $10.00 coupon for an electronic shop. Then, I saw a Toma poster on the way & bought it.
Overall, it's a pleasant day with only 8 hours that passed by so far.
Yeah, Toma makes me lucky, ne?
LOL... Anyways, thanks for updating Kate. Hope that Toma's gonna be ok. no H1N1 for him plz!!!
I like this movie coz it's a little bit romantic, ne?
Toma-kun in a romantic chick flick. LOL. Not sure if it's a chik flik though.

Cezie_Pals said...

Ohh, and yeah, i don't like the girl too much. but it doesnt matter coz Toma is in the movie. I wish Johnny would let him debut as a solo artist though. Toma is just too good to be in a group... in my POV. unless if it's pi & sho in together so why not?

paige said...

Let's anticipate for the hair...I still need a dose of black, straight hair...hahahahaha...well, Ningen hair was different era. This time, it's modern drama, so, hehehe...

I think the picture accompanying the movie news of the female co-star (was it the same pic as dramawiki's)... she looks quite masculine a bit, so can't imagine the pairing yet. And I thought she was playing a 30 year old, so she is older..*can't recall the details*

Well, timing was pretty close. He could had another week off...working really really hard...

salome said...

i was blown away by this news. i thought all the while that he was resting after Ningen, only to find out that he flew off to Guamn. Baby's soooo busy.

like you, i hope there are Toma fans in Guam who would stalk the filming sight & take stolen shot of him & share it with us.

kate ☂ said...

that's amazing!! what an awesome day. ^o^ which toma poster was it, btw? yeah...though toma seems to never get sick, but these days with h1n1...i hope he'll be ok.

yes yes, it's a romantic comedy. it'll be nice to see toma in a love-themed role...which i guess hasn't happened since honey & clover!

still don't think he can debut anytime soon, but if he does, i'm sure he'd debut as a solo artist.

......... paige~
maybe this time he'll have black straight hair...haha. yeah, good for toma, getting a modern day movie. sure his hair will look awesome.

she does look kinda masculine. -_-
hopefully she will look prettier in the movie.

yes he is!! gambarre, toma-kun.

....... salome~
me too, me too!! thought he was resting, but he's been working still!! and yeah, i hope there will be a toma fan there that could tell us about some kinda toma sighting. hehe~

Cezie_Pals said...

It's the Toma with the fluffy-collared jacket and the sword with 2 smaller versions of him in the same suit. it's sooo nice. I've seen this pic of him online. here are some of the links that has the same pic on my poster:

I'll take a picture of it once I have a chance. My camera is not here since my bro borrowed it for his vacation in Phils.

kate ☂ said...

souka. :)
though it's old pics of toma, but they're really kakkoii pics ne. i wish i could see a poster of toma sometime at mitsuwa. they only sometimes have posters/ads of singers sometimes. i took a pic next to an NYC boys poster once. lol.