Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i sent the 2 toma drawings!! *sleepy*

kate desu.

i did it!!
i finished!! yatta!! *_*
the 2 drawings for WU and POTATO.
sent them this morning.

iya~ ureshii ne!!

but i'm really so exhausted.
i didn't get much sleep cuz i stayed up late drawing...
but i'm really so relieved i got them done.

this time, to make things more interesting, i'm not gonna post up the 2 drawings (yet)! though i really wanna show u how it looks!! lol. but i think it'd be more cool if those of u that can buy the winkup and potato magazines see it for the 1st time INSIDE the magazine, IF they do print my drawings. *_* and for those of u that are not able to buy the magazines, and whether or not they do choose my drawings, i will certainly post them up, but only after i find out the results around the start of october...probably a few days after toma's bday, i'll be able to get the November issues of winkup and potato at mitsuwa...

so maybe around october 10th or so, whenever i get a chance to go to mitsuwa and check, then i'll post up pics of my 2 drawings and also talk about how i had a really really hard time drawing them. -__- but the result was good, and i actually like these 2 more than the POTATO bday one i drew!! so~ please look forward to seeing them in 1 month. ^_^

BUT i will tell u a little about the drawings!!

-toma's wearing a tie in the WU one, and wearing a vest in the POTATO one.

-toma's hair is BLACK this time for both, cuz 1) his hair is black right now, 2) black hair = no need for any shading. haha. 3) i remember paige likes toma with black hair. ^_^

ja, i'll post again tomorrow. (and also reply to any comments then!) i gotta go to sleep now. i've been yawning so much tonight. lol. and my right hand is aching f/drawing too much. =/ but it's all worth it!!! if they do choose my drawings...and toma might see it!! ahhh...

oh, oh!! after going to the post office to mail the drawings, i went to get something to eat, and guess what happened when i looked at the receipt?! the time of my order was exactly 10:07am!!! 10/07, toma's bday!!! SUGOI NE!! i hope this is a sign....that i really will see my bday drawings and these drawings in the nov. issues of these magazines???!!

good night~!


Cezie_Pals said...

good job kate! I'll pray that your drawings get chosen too. Such a shame though that I can't find Wink Up or Potato magazine here where I live. I can order them though but it's too expensive. LOL. Congratulations on the 10.07 receipt thingie. LOL

kate ☂ said...

thanks. =)
that's too bad. =/ i'm lucky i can buy them at mitsuwa (it's a japanese market that's got a bookstore, food court, etc. inside. go to for more info!)

arigatou~ i really was shocked when i saw the time was exactly 10:07!!! ^.^