Friday, September 11, 2009

ano....about the toma bday project DEADLINES

not sure if i can post today...

too much stuff piled up over the last 2 wks of
working on the fan art and so i am still catching up w/everything....
if i can't today, then i'll post tomorrow. =)

oh, thanks to paige for pointing out i told some1 the wrong info for the deadlines of the bday projects. bday project #1 is the bday card w/hearts, #2 is the fantasy trip around the world PICS, and #3 is the fan art. just real quickly~ about the deadlines:

-project's too late to send in bday fan art for Potato, but possibly for wink up, u can still try sending it in, since they say 1 month be4 yr idol's bday is ok...and if it's regular toma fan art, then of course u can send them in at any time.

-deadline for project #2 is october 6, 12am, japan time.

-deadline for project #1 is COMING UP SOON: sept. 13. let's say 11pm that day, PST time (california, USA time). but this might be extended, cuz not sure if i'll be able to send the cards on time...i want to send them on sept. 14 or 15. i'm sending them early cuz it might take up to 2 weeks to get there. usually only 1 week, but just in case...SO, MAYBE EVEN BY SEPT 14, U CAN STILL POST AND BE INCLUDED...

have a good one (weekend)!!
see u later, everyone~

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