Friday, March 5, 2010

he's an international star now.... (ningen coming to HK, Taiwan, Singapore!!!)

still no new msg f/toma @tomalicious yet...

i'm still feeling so happy for toma-kun...
i'm really so happy. yokatta~~~ ♥♥♥

i'm sorry i didn't post here earlier, but at least i posted at the LJ. i'm so glad i was able to be the one to break the good news to everyone!! ^O^ thank goodness i checked xdustbunnys' page today (haven't checked it in a long while).

so...nothing NEW to post besides what i already did at the toma LJ:

but i should post the same thing here.
but here, i'll add some comments below...

Ningen Shikkaku will be released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

it's true!!! *cries*

thank you so much, xdustbunnys, for the summary/translation of this news! i got this from her LJ. dunno if it's ok to repost her entry since she locks them, so i'll just post the news:






they are going to release the movie in hong kong, taiwan, and singapore. and this is one part that i used babelfish to translate: “as for Ikuta you the outstanding talent where from now on becomes the international actor." !!!!!! i'm so proud of toma!!

this is epic. i'm so truly happy for him, from the bottom of my heart. a huge step for him. if only they could come to america too!!! *fingers crossed*

also, saw a pic of toma standing between the director and the president of Kadokawa (?) at the news below, at the press conference when they announced it (the last stop in the stage greetings at Aomori, at Dazai's old mansion?).
[thanks to zoe for this link!]

could someone translate these 2 news articles?

march 3, 2010. [or march 1 actually?]
another epic day for toma-kun that i've got to mark on my calendar...

i remember the director saying last year, they might release the movie overseas. and so when i read about the rumor yesterday, that it'd be released in other countries in asia, i wasn't surprised. (edit: wait, maybe that was the actual news yesterday?? baka....cuz it was in spanish at zoe's page and i used babelfish to translate...) but now, to know it's really true!!! *cries* toma is becoming an international star!!! (not that he wasn't already before, he's got fans all over the world, but i mean, OFFICIALLY, NOW!!) if they could only also come to other countries farther away, like the usa!!! but maybe later?? (*fingers crossed* i know there's A LOT of japanese ppl here in california, come on!!! please please come here with the movie and bring toma too!! even if it's not subbed, I'LL BE THERE!! and the chance to see toma in person!! *dies*)

toma fans in singapore, taiwan, and hk (and in countries nearby): your wish has come true!! ~_~ the precious chance to see toma in person!!! *__* please go watch the movie, come to whatever promotional events toma will be at, and take lots of pics and tell us all about it here!!! xD and of course, nag all your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, even ppl u don't know so well, TO GO WATCH NINGEN SHIKKAKU!!! *hyper* (and i'll certainly ask everyone i know in hk and singapore to go watch!!!!)

and this is how i found out.... so, a new post at her LJ! it was like, just a couple short sentences that i saw at xdustbunnys' page. (always so lowkey. ^^) but these sentences really took my breath away!! i was surprised and so happy and hyper!! but then i wasn't 100% i checked back at zoe's blog, then i used babelfish to translate the 2 news articles....i already could recognize the chinese characters for hong kong...and when i read the news babelfish translated (very roughly)....AHHH!!! it is true!! got so emotional, i cried a little bit. =,)

I DON'T KNOW WHY NO ONE ELSE POSTED ANYTHING EARLIER?? i refreshed the page many times while making sure the news was true, kept expecting some1 would post something. but no...i get to post about it!! xD

(use to translate it f/japanese to eng. if u want, though i'm sure some1 will soon post up a proper translation of this incredible news!!)

and then i realized, i saw the news at zoe's page yesterday, but cuz something got lost in translation, i thought it was just rumors!! but i think it was the actual news!!!! this is a pic of a newspaper w/the news + pic f/zoe's blog (

and seems like toma already wrote about that day (actually, was it march 1??) in his blog. but he didn't mention this HUGE news at all?? well, he only said it was a little strange talking about the movie in dazai's old house, cuz dazai was born there...and he did say he hopes many ppl will see this movie and ask everyone to help him promote it again...but...that's all!! ehhhh.... (but it's nice to know toma was the one who suggested coming there for the movie promotion. very meaningful ne!)

and i'm 99% sure toma will go to these 3 countries to promote it!! yes yes!!

and what's awesome, is i know lots of toma fans in countries close to hk and singapore, so fans in the philippines, malaysia, can come see him too!! if they take a short flight over...

i just realized that the window of time where toma might go promote his movie in other countries is quite small...soon he'll be busy with finishing hanamizuki filming and promoting Seaside Motel and after that, Hanamizuki, of course....but even if i have to wait till autumn for ningen and TOMA to come to the usa, i'd be totally fine with that!!! xD

ahhhh, i hope and pray that ningen and toma will come to america soon (well, specifically california, but still so cool if he comes to the usa at all!) with all my heart!!! yes yes....wanna see toma...

and now for what i posted at the toma LJ. & MAKE SURE U READ THE COMMENTS!! *_* EVERYONE SO HAPPY AND HYPER. i'm not used to getting so many comments, but i love it!! and i do mean it. i'm so excited for everyone living in those countries, in that area....really! (and a little jealous! xD)


Anonymous said...

Oh really?!! wonder when it's showing Toma-kun coming to promote xD must see him in the flesh lol

I'm staying in Malaysia so I'm quite near! But then again, so near yet so far :( not easy ...gotta plan and stuff like that! need to get company too ..sigh!

Yeah Kate! hope NS's coming to US! keep ur fingers crossed!!! XXX


Mashi Toma said...

really.. hope toma will come to Malaysia a long he move from S'pore ^^

kate@theTheatre said...

hounto da!! ^^ i'd guess within this month, but dunno...

souka! i understand. like if toma came to america, but he's on the other side of the country, i can't fly there just to see him...-__-

i really hope so!! keep yr fingers crossed for me too, kudasai~!

maybe!! it would be awesome if he could come to the philippines and malaysia, i know there's so many toma fans there...also, i'm sure in mainland china too? hmm...

Mashi Toma said...

really yup, there's big fan.. i guess a lot of them from Philippines..

even Japanese artist never make their Asian tour just like Korean artist but.. Ikuta toma will always be mai Ichiban ^___^ *wide smile*

Anonymous said...

korean artistes r more famous here in malaysia & singapore imho
nv seen any japanese artistes came here at all if i'm not wrong ... hmmm ... :-?


kate☂ said...

eh, missed these comments. gomen~

korean artists seem more popular in asia right? probably cuz of how popular korean dramas are. i only know that in HK, there's some korean artists that are really popular. like Rain. but i guess he's popular all over asia....

i would never want toma to appear in some lame hollywood movie like rain, just to try to break into the american market though!!! >_<