Saturday, March 13, 2010

maybe she'll become a toma fan too. xD (some toma updates and pics...)

hi everyone-chan~

kate desu.

finally a new post here!! yey. xD

so~ i got a reply from my friend in HK. i told her about the ningen and sent her links to read about it, watch the trailer, see the poster...but then i forgot to show her what toma looks like normally!! so i sent her the link to the toma thread at AF. his bio (I WROTE IT!! ^o^) and so many of his cute pics (I CHOSE THEM!) all here:

and she replied saying he's cool, and "what a cute man he is!!!!!!!" xD maybe she'll become a toma fan too. xD i really hope so. but i've talked about toma to some other girls in the past, though, and they are like "eh...he's cute, but nah..." not interested. CAN U BELIEVE IT?! haha. well, their loss. lol. a few less ppl i have to share toma with. lol.

[my fav pic f/the april 2010 magazines!!
i think this is f/potato. credit for all the pics: strawberry_gem.]

oh, so the only recent news about toma....
he's gonna be on shun's ANN on Mar.17, since shun's last ANN is mar.31. yey. i don't know how many times that is in all then, that he's come...13?? i totally thought shun's ANN was permanent!! o__o just like i thought toma's ikita kotoba would be permanent from 2008 onwards. =T but no.... THE GOOD NEWS is that toma will hav a new column in +act, starting this july!! sugoi!! but i think it might be in black and white, then...and i think +act is not as popular a magazine and not sold in as many places as wink up. and it's more expensive. but still, i'm glad he still has a column. *__*

back to toma and shun, though. shun went drinking with toma recently, but toma insisted on drinking only tea. and he's been going to the gym. this could mean that toma's preparing for a new role??? there have been rumors of a 4th movie for him. (@_@ ehhh!! masaka!!) whatever the reason, i'm glad toma's getting more healthy for now. i wonder if he'll ever consider smoking less or *fingers crossed* quitting!! xD thanks to xdustbunnys ( for all this news!!
new videos posted up at TFS!! mezanew, hanamura, and a scanlation from last month. also, they've reached their 100th project!!! OMEDETOU!! ^.^ (wow, i'm getting behind. only watched most of Jounetsu Tairiku last night!! -__- slow down, kudasai!!)

[this is from a long while back, but i just saw it recently!! MORE PICS OF THE TOMAPI HUG at yamapi's concert in nov.2009, and some more pics of them. ^^ i love that hug gif!!]

[preview for bidan march 2010! ^^ the pic of toma above, in the cool white outfit, with that cool, leaning pose is f/this photo shoot. sugoi!! ...toma's hairy legs! lol.]

[older pics. my favs from the Flix and Cinema*cinema. toma's looking so tan though. dark lighting~]

some ningen updates/links......................
i've been checking how ningen's doing at the box office here. the results are slightly different from the ones at japan_now, but this website seems quite reliable, so i'll trust them (and cuz ningen ranks higher here!!). according to them, 1st weekend it was 4th, 2nd weekend was 8th, 3rd weekend was 10th. i hope this weekend its ranking won't drop by too much...hoping for 11 or 12.

will stalk this page for additional ningen release dates
in other countries in asia. xD
this is a quiz about ningen shikkaku at the official website. it's all in japanese, but many toma fans have been coming to take the quiz and see what score they get.^^ u can get a code afterwards to put your score card on your blog or whatever. if you can't read japanese and want to get 100%, just go to zoe's blog (linked on the right), she posted the answers a while back. lol. i took the quiz. guessed on all but one question. got a 30% score. xD but it's cool if u can somehow get a good score even though u have no idea what the questions and answers are saying. i'm not that lucky though. ^^; give me those 2 minutes of my life back!! xD

toma's recent post. ~_~

i'll still post up toma's messages sometimes if he writes something really nice/meaningful, like this time. =) i love thoughtful toma. such deep thoughts some times... ah ha!!! the record player has some significance in this movie. no wonder they put a small pic of it at the back of the ningen photobook. i knew it wasn't random!! ah...toma is the one who should be "wrapped in uncountable gentleness"!! (credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum)

ningen shikkaku special, page 10:

the record [player] at bar aoi hana. of course, the real one. when the needle drops a gentle sound plays. while listening to this sound, youzou drank, and i wonder what he thought. of life or death? undoubtedly he was wrapped in uncountable gentleness.

wandered back to careline's ningen stage greeting fan report cuz i wanted to read other ppl's comments. i've still got the longest comment by far. lol. but this has got to be 1 of the most HYPER and FUNNIEST comments there!!!!!! made me LOL, really!! xD

rukia1314 on February 23rd, 2010 09:47 am (UTC)

I'm sorry but YOU'RE OFFICIALLY THE LUCKIEST PERSON ALIVE! XDDDDD *super envious* i wish i was there as well (><) GAH u were given toma's beautiful smile! and Toma's recognition! UWAUWAUWAUWA!!! sugoiii!!! I bet his presence made the room insanely hot. @@

Careline chan omedetou! it's really a dream come true! *cries but happy for you at the same time*


and of course, CARELINE'S FAN REPORT if u haven't! xD

ah, i'm sorry everyone... *bows*
i should not have assumed toma was coming to HK, Singapore, and Taiwan to promote the movie. (but i really hope he will!! *prays hard*) though i didn't say he'd come 4 sure (but i did say i'm 99% sure he'll come. lol.), i might have gotten you all excited anyway. but now i'm beginning to doubt that he's gonna have time to go, and dunno even if the movie is gonna be released anytime soon or maybe it won't be until months later?? oh man...



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Mashi Toma said...

it's ok senpai- huhu.. anou,is it true.. Nah- toma still hv us as his fans lol- toma! Kakkoi

kate☂ said...

thanks, mashi. i dunno...will have to wait to see when ningen (and toma?) comes to other countries...

hai~!! ^.^